Suddenly Changes, The Element of Surprise

At this time in humanity's experience in third dimension frequency is changing and there is a shift in consciousness. Events are happening suddenly - unexpectedly - in many aspects of our lives.

People are dying - quickly - unexpectedly - who were not physically sick. They just 'cross over' at early ages after completing karma in 3D.

One day he told me his story. Michael came from a dysfunctional background of Irish alcoholic - abusive - parents. He was raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, a neighboring area. As a teenager he realized he had a learning disorder. By age 17 he dropped out of school, had two children with his girlfriend - a son and daughter - drank and did drugs - and was part of the 'street scene' - lots of 'connected people' in his life - and got into trouble with the law.

During a robbery - Michael was involved in a stolen car police chase - which resulted in a major accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. There he was at 17 in a wheel chair for life. His life came to a screeching halt! He went on disability and wondered why he was not killed. He was not sent to jail as his recovery was lengthy and he changed his lifestyle during this time. Though he still had a lot of street connections - he was growing up and changing. He did tell me that the frequency of the street friends did remain with him through the years - but he was not part of anything illegal and seemed to be happy and smiling most of the time. (I could only feel his loneliness and need for female companionship in his age group.)

Michael used to ask me why he was still here? For these answers - one must look at the karma and why the soul didn't leave during the accident. All accidents are windows for the souls to leave. There is a lag time when the program stops for them and they decided. Some souls remember this as a near death experience - while most forget - in the same manner we forget our dreams- we return to our 3D bodies and forget what is above.

As it turned out - the mother of Michael's children was too dysfunctional to raise them. From the time he was 22 and in a wheel chair - his daughter came to live with him. (I am not sure what happened to the son). He raised the daughter as best he could. This month she turned 18 - got a GED - a job -and moved in with a girlfriend.

Last week Michael took an overdose of pills. He had completed his karma and left!

Now comes the old theory that if you kill yourself you will have to come back and repeat the lessons again. I never bought that theory. You repeat lessons all the time in 3D. You don't have to kill yourself to repeat patterns. This 'cycle of time' - the Slinky Effect - Fibonacci - is about repeating patterns. This is by choice.

Is your soul tortured if you kill yourself? It all depends of the level of frequency of the soul. We are all EM frequency beings with signatures in each experience. If you raise your frequency you come into balance and are not tortured no matter what level you play the game.

I have spoken with souls who have committed suicide. Most of them were dysfunctional in 3D - and are still trying to clear after leaving. Many are thrilled to be out of here - yet are saddened by those left behind who mourn them. Remember that a soul who commits suicide was dysfunctional - out of balance. That soul would have surrounded itself with souls of the same frequency who would play the games with them they sought in 3D. Therefore the souls they sought had many issues and would take their suicide as a trigger for something within themselves. Often these souls are mirror reflections of each other - finding each other to play out those issues. Now one soul has died - so what does the other player/players do?

Does suicide send you to 'hell' - lower astral prisons - or whatever the ancient civilizations called it? You move on based on frequency and meet those who vibrate with you no matter what level of experience you are in. You appear to come back to clear and balance - yet it is all happening at one time.

If you clear in 3D does it help clear on other levels? Yes! But the connection of your soul to those experiences can hold you back in 3D making you wonder why you can't get past your issues. Remember - just let them go as illusion. Your soul will fill up the time with other things as you go into 'waiting mode' - to move out!

There are many souls completing karma quickly now and just crossing over suddenly to be on the other side. In truth all of our souls are existing multidimensional and are already on the other side. Did you ever stop to think that the person you are experience most with on this side is actually another aspect of your soul? When it leaves - you have severed a link to 3D that has given you meaning - good or bad. A part of you is gone. You may feel alone here. The fear of being alone really is at the root of so many people's problems.

On the matter of sudden changes - people are leaving relationships now - just dumping someone. They are walking away as if the relationship and the person never existed. This is not necessarily about lovers as it is about all relationships. One day someone is in your life - then in the mystery of this 'transition time' - they treat you like you are in another program and don't acknowledge you at all. Go figure!?

Trying to sort out how someone feels about you today - is not always worthwhile - as they can change their thinking by tomorrow. Emotions are unsettled as people act according to their emotional body and the changing realities in which they move from day to day.

The world may seem weird to you with people make sudden decisions that make no sense. Usually there is a short timeline prior to the change wherein you can sense it coming. You may not want to recognize the signs and may think they are in a bad mood - but be on the lookout for major weirdness and unexplained loss. This pattern is escalating.

When all is said and done - people will sense something out of the blue .... then move through the window....into the new tree of life!