Sperm Donor Relationship 2003

Through the years I have used the term "Sperm Donor Relationship" with clients - male, female, or the grown child of this union - who say that is the perfect phrase and wonder why marriage was ever part of the deal. "Leave the sperm in the cup and save everyone a lot of grief in the long run."

Couples come together for many reasons. Sometimes it's about love, marriage, or raising a family. But more often than not, men and women come together, without realizing it until years later, to have one or more children child, then to go their separate ways, the child going to live with the mother, often not seeing the father again.

In this case, the father is nothing more than a Sperm Donor, the relationship of the parents, their marriage and the issues that go with it, not needed to complete the karma of the deal.

In many cases, women are parental caretakers, born to take care of their parents. Realizing this, their soul may say, "Well what about me? What happens when my parents are gone and I am alone."

The woman then leaves the parental home, finds a mate, marries, or lives with him, gets pregnant, has a baby, things don't work out, then returns to the place where her soul is most comfortable, the parental home, where her parents, or one parent, usually her mother, helps her raise the child.

She remains in the home, often in a separate part of the house, has most of her expenses taken care of, and works, if needed, to provide for things for herself and the child.

In the Sperm Donor relationship, the father usually does not provide anything but his sperm, and once fertilization is complete, looks for ways to end the relationship, as he has other karma to complete.

Later on the woman dates other men and thinks she is looking for a permanent partner to help her raise her child. She may have lovers outside the home, but never marries, remaining in the security of her karma, parents and her child. She does not leave home, as that is where she wants to be.

She will search for a 'The One' and wonder why she attracts all the wrong men. In truth no one she meets, will have the karma to raise her child. The biological father usually does not contribute to the child financially or emotionally.

When her parents die, she inherits the house and often remains there. If she tries to sell the house, she usually discoveries that there is nowhere else to live that makes her happy.

The child has the option of remaining in the house with her, often if it is a daughter, she repeats the pattern, or she can move out and starting her life finding a husband and family, usually living close to the woman as she is now her caretaker.

She has fulfilled her karma, and waits to be a grandparent.

Sons from these relationships are often dysfunctional and lazy. Daughters sometimes repeat their mother's pattern.

Where the parents and grandparents are functional, the children will be also, and often become good students.

Is it a bad deal? It depends on the relationship of the souls involved. It can be loving and caring, or be a disaster. As with all situations, it depends on whether or not the souls are functional, the issues of the family, and the challenges they all face as a soul group.

From the beginning, all the woman really needed was a sperm donor.

A smart woman should investigate artificial insemination, as you can create a child with a great genetics, and save on the wear and tear of a bad relationship.

In the Sperm Donor Relationship, the X's and Y's will do their thing...but one must determine what is the karma all about.

On occasion, men may find themselves raising children as a result of a Sperm Donor relationship. Many go home to live with their parents, doing the best they can to cope with the stages of development all children face. One must also remember that though parents remain younger and healthier now, placing them in a position of raising young children is not easy.

Are you the product of a Sperm Donor relationship?

Are you in a Sperm Donor relationship with your partner?

Please examine your issues on this matter.

When seeking a Sperm Donor, visualize the child of this union turning out to be like his father, having his DNA code. Is that what you want?

For the men - visualize the child a clone of the mother. Pretty scary, huh? Please look before you leap!

Sperm donor relationships usually end with one parent raising the child alone. Does that turn out well? Sometimes.