White Pigeons at Staples

January 29, 2003

I drove to Staples to pick up some office supplies. The Staples in Brooklyn is a large two-floor store that sells office supplies, etc. and has a large parking lot.

It had snowed in the early monring. The snow had just tapered off as I pulled into one of the few available parking spots.

Severeal people were going in and out of the store and their vehicles as I walked from my car toward the entrance.

Suddenly the white pigeons came out of nowhere - flying towards me.

Everyone was startled - including myself - as the birds began to circle just around me.

At first I was stunned - then a bit scared - thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock and his movie 'The Birds' (1963) filling my mind. These birds fly fast.

They sort of swooped in then circled around me for about 10 seconds.

There was no food on the ground to attract them.

I spoke telepathically sending the message, "I understand. You can go now." As I completed that thought - as suddenly as they arrived - the white pigeons all flew off towards the Verrazano Bridge.

I asked Z why they keep showing themselves to me at this time - and what their message is. He showed me a feather quill pen and a book linked to the birds - or Thoth the Egyptian God Thoth the Scribe who wrote the story of our reality - the Book of Life.

While doing a seach for 'Thoth Book' - I happened upon a symbol he has been showing me.

It's the small symbol with the Hebrew
writing on the right that connects.

The Hebrew Alphabet - Byzant Kabbalah
Top Symbol=Shin=Tooth - which looks like Thoth - LOL

From Aleister Crowley's The Book of Thoth

The Continuum is the sum of all the interwoven world-lattices. An amalgam of the infinitely many worlds, The Continuum is so named because it fills superspace, forming a dense, continuous volume.

The Keepers assert that the Continuum is the only solid thing in existence, but they affirm this with a wink, [Z winks] knowing that the worlds that make up this solid are themselves porous, filled only with arranged absences.

The Continuum is fragile. Universes are not static systems. The lattices are perpetually expanding or collapsing, pursuing their localized cycles of evolution. Just as a skyscraper or suspension bridge must endure the oscillations of wind and temperature change, the Continuum must be able to absorb and compensate for the movement of the universes it contains.

A bridge is constructed with expansion gaps to accommodate such movement, and so, too, does the Continuum possess an expansion gap. It is like a great hole, a core drilled through the strata of every single universe.

The presence of this gap that allows the Continuum to remain flexible. Without it, in such a tightly woven web of interlocked grids, system-wide fractures would occur, total collapse, oblivion - an event foreseen by the Keepers in the Uncreation Myth.

Because it lies at the intersection of all the lattices, the gap is a part of every universe - the one point through which access to other worlds is possible, like an elevator that runs among the floors of a building, yet belongs to none of them.

The Keepers call this gap the Synapse.

Crowley Tarot

These are the same symbols I connect with-
EM energies - 6 - Kabbalah - The Box - Rainbow Bridge
Diamond Solar Eclipse - As is Above - So is Below

Aleister Crowley's name was Edgar Alexander Crowley. One of the two main characters of my book is named Alexander - Sarah and Alexander. He felt a link to the Egyptian God Horus - Resurrection. He was also a Freemason. We exist in a Masonic Program that comes full circle back to the Middle East - Iraq.

Another Book of Thoth can be found here.

Thursday - January 30, 2003

I woke up Thursday night taking in my sleep - which I never do.

I was saying, "I am returning to my body because I no longer wanted to see this dream." Perhaps I was lucid dreaming, but the dream had a global overtone of darkness and foreboding.

When I spoke to my friend Ron about it - he said that he had had the same experience of waking himslef out of a dream. He usually dreams in black and white - but this dream was in color - which means it comes closer to manifestation.

In his dream - Ron saw a major explosion. Something is going to happen.

Friday - January 31, 2003

I spoke with two Chinese friends and wished them a happy New Year - February 1, 2003. They too were praying for peace and balance on the planet - but also felt this unsettled feeling that is part of the grid and we all experience r dream about.

There is talk of going to war on my birthday - February 17th - at which time I turn 60 = 6 = Kabbalah - Star of David - Middel east. My book will be ready that week as well.

The unsettling feeling is still there. It could have to do with an impending war - or something else - yet it feels that things are playing out as they were meant to at this time.

I took a break from my routines to spend a few hours at the Staten Island Mall with friend Yolanda who works there and my daughter, Zsia, and her two sons, Michael and Dylan.

We threw coins in a fountain and prayed for balance and a story that ends with, "They lived happily ever after........"


Recently I have been discussing new elements and precious metals that will be added to the periodic table and are part of our evolution. It is all about Alchemy, Ancient Egypt, the Blue and the Gold [blueprint and evolution of consciousness]


Alchemy in Ancient Egypt

Tales of Magic in Ancient Egypt  
A Brief History of Alchemy 
History of Alchemy 
Alchemy - The Science of Being  
Alchemy: from Arabic - Al (The) Khemia (Egyptians)  
[Egypt was once called the Land of Khem]

ORMUS - Alchemy
To date I have been drawn to review files of the Knights Templar
and related files such as the Prieure de Sion 
The earliest roots of the Prieure de Sion were founded in some 
sort of Hermetic or Gnostic society led by a man named Ormus. 
ORMUS and Consciousness  
ORMUS - Tree of Life   
The Gnostic Science of Alchemy  
ORME or ORMUS has only recently been recognized as a 
fourth state of matter over and above solid, liquid and gas.

---- Hermes was Thoth the Scribe, Merlin the Magician, and Zoroaster [Z] among others. It is all about the magic and the illusion of time and the alchemy of consciousness now mving back to source through the spirals of time - Golden Mean - Phi Ratio. ____

I mentioned that new elements would be found - or should I say rediscovered - as everything exists - just in a higher frequency than we can perceive at this time.

  • In space debris
  • Under frozen wastelands
  • Under the water
  • Brought back from outer space - such as moon mining projects

    Today I found a story - Precious metals mountain lies under Atlantic' which links with genetic memories of - Atlantis - the Pyramid of Atlantis [It is actually etheral and controls the Atlantean Program whch coexists with our program and allows us to feel part of it] - a Core Crystal in that Pyramid - other crystal energies sources of power and fuel that eventually led to their destruction. Many feel that Atlantis will rise at this time [more like the grid programs merging] - Whatever your soul connects wth.

    We are questors looking for answers to the future - buried in Time and Space. We sense something is coming. We seek to find out not only the answers but the questions.

    Quest - questions - questors - Q - being on Cue - on Point - Zero Point when all comes into balance - when matter mettes antimatter and we evolve past the illusion of third dimension.

    This is all reflected in the changes of the sacred geometry of our reality - as it spirals back to its source of consciousness.

    A 500 foot wide buried mountain of gold, silver and other valuable metals has been found two and a half miles beneath the middle of the Atlantic.

    The mound, compared in size and shape to the Houston Astrodome in Texas, is said to be just one example of the riches to be found around volcanic vents on the sea floor.

    Marine geologist Dr Peter Rona, from Rutgers State University in New Jersey, who made the discovery, said: "At least 50,000 years in the making, the mound is composed largely of combinations of the metals copper, iron, zinc, gold and silver. It was produced by jets of hot, metal-rich sea water."

    Dr Rona, who reviews research into sea floor resources in the journal Science, believes the ocean floor is teeming with valuable minerals and biomaterials.

    Some minerals and gemstones are transported by rivers to the ocean. For example tin ore is found off Thailand, gold off Alaska and New Zealand, and diamonds off South Africa.

    But Dr Rona said the old view of oceans being "big bathtubs" filled with material washed off the continents was wrong. In fact most sea floor minerals were thought to come from deep underground.

    Cracks in the Earth's crust allowed water to seep miles down to hot layers in the mantle. Here the water was heated to enormous temperatures and blasted out with force, producing undersea volcanic vents also known as "black smokers".

    Saturday - February 1, 2003

    Weird Dreamtime Experiences

    8:00 am -

    For the past two nights I have been have unsettling dreams.

    Last night dream time was very restless. I am rarely disturbed by dreams.

    I was being shown things - and having symbols explained to me - that I have been waiting to understand for years.

    I was shown the entire blueprint of third dimensional reality. It was all unrolled like a scroll - as if a blueprint on paper - placed across a drafting table. I was told that I was corrcet about the illsuion and it would soon be time for humanity to wake up from the dream.

    I experienced the pain of souls separating from their oversoul families - separation - fear - loss - confusion - and distinctly felt that this 3D experience and suffering is not something souls have willingly chosen. I have never felt this to be true - as it is often too meaningless, boring, depressing and generally makes no sense.

    In the blueprints that were shown to me - was a recurring theme of god and goddess archetypes - who were the same characters.

    In other programs they were more like mythological characters - such as Isis and Osiris - Enlil and Enki - Zeus and Hera - etc.

    In our reality we accept them them as ascended masters, angels, devils, or perhaps aliens who live in spaceships or realities beyond the physical realm. They visit us and are usually responsible for the miracles that happen in our lives and in history.

    We wait for their return to end the program and get passed the illusion.

    I was told they guide our lives - but I knew that it was just a dream.

    I experienced a sense of them seemingly uncaring for those in 3D.

    True, this is a projected illusion - but it is not easy. The program appears to move too slowly as we move through something called Time.

    We shall watch as events unfold and come full circle as per all prophecies.

    10:00 am

    I opened CNN to search for stories for Ezine.

    I was saddened to read the story about the Colmbia shuttle disaster.

    Seven astronauts aboard space shuttle died today. One of the pilots was Israeli. He carried with him a Bible that was given to him by a Holocaust survivor who had his Bar Mitzvah in the Death Camps. The energy of WW II Germany is recycling now - as are the cycles back to the Middle East. Some of the debris from the shuttle fell in Palestine, Texas. Ironic - the Bible has now been returned to 'Palestine.'

    I hope people don't say that aliens shot down the shuttle - or that terrorists were responsible. I don't see this.

    On January 28, 1986 the space shuttle Challenger blew up. It is almost 17 years to the day since that occurred.

    This has to be what I have been sensing all week - explosions - bad dreams - etc.

    The explosion happened in a New Moon in Aquarius which is an air sign!

    If you recall - two of the readers of this column had reported explosion in Texas based on dreams and psychic encounters.

    As awareness increases - many more people are able to read the EM grids as the programs play out. We go into the girds and dream and experience what is about to occur. We call it Time Travel or Clairvoyance.

    The grids are spiking as I had mentioned. Once again I repeat - 2003 will be one interesting year.

    4:00 pm

    I just completed my clients for the day. My last client was a businessman - a broker here in NYC. As we came to the end of his reading - I receive an image of an airplane landing, but there was something wrong with the right front tire causing it to blow out. As my client has no plans to travel in the immediate future - I looked for another source of this information.

    Suddenly I realized it had come from one of the astronauts who died today telling me that something rubber had exploded.

    Emails and calls from friends reflect the same ominious feeling that I have been experiencing all week.

    Again we mourn for those who have crossed over - their journeys no longer limited to the physical realms.

    The last thing these astronauts want is for the space program to stop for years to come. Hopefully President Bush will not be making another error in judgment.

    I see souls struggling to adjust in both realities. The souls of the seven astronauts are now free to wander in space and see the truth behind the illusion.

    Email from a reader in Israel:

    Dear Ellie

    I am writing to you this letter hoping you may have an answer to my strange and curious question.

    The subject is number 16.

    Lately and in a short period of time too many things happened with a 16.

    The Shuttle Columbia was launched on January 16.

    It remained in space 16 days.

    It disintegrated 16 minutes before landing.

    Here, in Israel it was 16 hours.

    During that week the elections were held for the 16th Government.

    On board the Shuttle were 1 Israeli and 6 Americans.

    I find this a little bit too coincidental. Does it have a meaning or an explanation?

    Sincerest thanks and kindest regards.


    Eskimo Woman Prophecies

    I know that when there is a global catastrophy - readers go to the Nostradamus files.

    As I smell the scent of roses all the time - which is a metaphor for a new Flower of Life - I always return to my favorite prophecies - Eskimo Woman.

    More to the point I have her image on the walls of my stone tile shower - reminding me that she is with me.

    Though she was said to have predicted the Challenger space shuttle disaster. Perhaps what she saw was the Columbia disaster.

    In Memory of the Columbia Crew
    You will always be an inspiration.

    The world is so marvelous from up here,
    so peaceful, so wonderful, and so fragile.

    Life is not a rehearsal.

    ~ Ilan Ramon ~
    Israeli Astronaut lost on the Columbia Space Shuttle

    Every orbit we go over a slightly different part of the Earth.
    Of course, much of the time I'm working, and don't see any of it.
    Whenever I do get to look out, it is glorious.
    Even the stars have a special brightness.

    ~ Laurel Clark ~

    American Astronaut lost on the Columbia Space Shuttle

    Quotes From Astronauts







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