Tuesday September 9, 2008

Today I read clients in London, Paris and Heidelberg, not far from CERN and the Large Hadron Collider which gets full turned on tomorrow. To me the LHC experiment connects to the time travel experiments in WW II Germany (back in the lab), black hole, subatomic particles colliding (creation), 'origin' or the first insert linked to pyramids energy which represents time, the hourglass, our class (universe and university experiment), events in the Middle East, and 9/11 among the numeric codes that trigger you.

9 Years Ago ...

Sept. 9, 1999: 9/9/99 No Big Deal for Computers Wired
On 9/9/99 some people feared massive computer problems.
Did 9/9/99 create headaches? Nein, nein, nein.

Tuesday was a 9/9 day for those connected to the number 9,
or having a 9 Life Path, such as myself.
9 represents closure of this programmed reality.

Numbers and Codes define your existence.

Numerology Lessons: Calculating Your Life Path

Wednesday September 10, 2008

The Large Science Experiment

We experience reality within a Large Science Project of Infinite Proportions. Wednesday 9/10/08 (9) the world's largest particle collider successfully completed its first major test by firing a beam of protons all the way around a 17-mile (27-kilometer) tunnel in what scientists hope is the next great step to understanding the makeup of the universe. I believe this will affect the space-time continuum as a ripple effect over time. A black hole did not open to destroy us as many feared, yet sensed somewhere in their soul's akashic record.

   Large Hadron Collider "Actually Worked"
National Geographic - September 10, 2008
   Scientific wonder comes to life
MSNBC - September 10, 2008

Thursday 9/11/08

For the Seventh and Final Time by my friend John Quinn

The focus today in the city is remembering the events of 9/11, seven years later, and honoring the memory of those who lost their lives that day, not to mention other people who later died of cancer and other illnesses, as a result of being at there.

Mayor Bloomberg has mentioned that the annual memorial ceremonies will be a city wide event, most likely for the first 10 years, which takes us to 9/11/2012. The main observances are held at Ground Zero, today with President Bush, Barak Obama and John McCain in attendance. Thousands of people will be at Ground Zero this morning to mourn those lost, or to deal with other emotional problems triggered since 9/11.

The spirits of 9/11 and their families, often return to Ellie's World. It's been 7 years of conversations, and though many spirits have permanently crossed over, others linger for those who remain here - helping and guiding. Some have helped others cross over friends, family, and souls caught up in other disasters. In the physical world, those left behind, have received cash settlements and other benefits as they move on with their lives. Most have gone to therapy, and if still stuck in the 9/11 window as their focal point, need additional help. It is one thing to mourn and remember, but another if one can't move on.

Wednesday night Dennis called. Like everyone else, he has been experiencing the disconnect (overwhelming need to sleep) from the program and how it allows you to understand the surreal nature of this reality. You don't feel here. It is a practice run for shut down.

We talked this disconnect an conjunction with rebooting the program to find the best ending, and an increase of deja vu, with the understanding that you have experienced the event before, in similar scenario. Lots of closure events in play now. You will soon understand the loops of time and parallel experiences. Turning on the LHC Wednesday, is all part of the process of discovery to that end ... the Big Bang ... how it all began, etc.

Dennis's friend Steve, emailed me last week. Steve has interests in the Phoenix Lights having witnessed them in 1997 - wrote a book, created a website and was recently interviewed by the History Channel, the show to air this fall. This lead to a discussion about UFO's monitoring the planet, creating grid programs ... you know the rest.

As with Steve, when one has a paranormal experience, it is their soul triggering them to awaken - my experience being my UFO incident in Nevada in 1954. It's all about the moment your soul decides to become conscious - after which there is no going back.

... We return to Ellie and Dennis in the still of the night ... somewhere before the mid-night hour ... close to 9/11 ...

Dennis and I connected and took off with Z.

I have an archetype created ... perhaps by my mind, the grid, or the spirits of 9/11 ... that allows me to know they are here. It is the image of a ceiling fire sprinkler in a building, part of a fire sprinkler system activated by smoke or fire and having several metaphors (fire, smoke spiraling water).

As the image manifested for Dennis and I, I explained what it represented as we waited to see where Z was going with this. Destiny ... it's all about destiny, part of what Dennis and I had talked about. On the grand scale, there are no accidents.

Dennis, Z and I found ourselves on the esplanade under the Verrazano Bridge where I had stood exactly one week before with Ron. Recreated for us were the lines of force going from the bridge to Ground Zero, just around the bend (west), to the Great Pyramid (time). The grid was shifting and the power of the grid was beyond description.

I don't remember much else after that, so I guess I drifted off or just left with Z, or Z and Dennis who had mentioned that in many recent dreams we are out there working with the grids and time. Zzzzzzzzzz ..........

Reboot ... 911

9/11 was an insert that changed the face of reality forever.

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On 9/11 - I stood on my terrace, facing north, as the second plane hit Tower Two.

Towers Imploding - The World Financial Center Forever Changed

Pyramid Journeys in Time

Monday 9/8/08 -- I think a lot about pyramids and triangles these days, perhaps linked to the Great Pyramid, time, the hourglass, spiraling consciousness above and below, and 9/11 as things come full circle from New York to the Middle East. As part of a meditation with my friend George, he saw two halves of a metal (alchemy) pyramid reunited to stop time, though he didn't make a total connection with the image until I told him what I saw at the same time.

I saw Angelia Jolie in the scene at the end of "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" when she ran up the side of a pyramid as time stopped, the bad guy, Manfred Powell (actor Iain Glen) pursuing her, both wanting to control time for their personal agendas. Time cannot be controlled at this level. It is an illusion. Tick tock!

Goddess - The Program Begins - It is all One Soul

A goddess is a female deity, the feminine archetype, found in all ancient civilizations. Goddesses come in all shapes, sizes and descriptions, possessing all sorts of powers not bestowed on mere mortals. Always there exists duality - god and goddess - in the eternal struggle of humanity to create balance by uniting/reuniting their masculine and feminine aspects, above and below in time, to become one. Most goddesses are recognized as having played roles in one or more ancient civilizations, using different names, just as we find with their male counterparts. If you can take this one step further, one soul played all the roles, in all the civilizations, including our own. I know you've read this before, but now that your consciousness is more evolved, can you grasp it with greater understanding as to where and how your goddess energies derives and what you want from them ... your powers. You cannot be a goddess while still mortal. Your powers return when the program ends. Fibonacci Numbers - You come out at zero point (the eye, black hole) ----> 1 (soul) ----> 2 (duality) ---->3 (trinity, third dimension) and on and on following the numeric codes to create programs of experience. Goddess Files

From God and Goddess to Ruler of the Realm

The Same Soul Experiences