Blogs and Blurbs - September 19-23, 2007

The Storyteller:
As I sit here updating my files, a thought comes to mind, actually more of a remembrance ... I am here to keep the records of the events in this program, for review after it closes - a Chronology of the experiment, if you will. I am here to educate and document the closure of the program. I am a storyteller. The Storyteller from a Twilight Zone Episode -- "The Storyteller" is an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the fourteenth episode of the first season - it's about Sirah. It's also about Z giving me the right words each day to trigger someone who needs to read them when their time is right to activate change in their life. When the time is right, the Messenger will appear -- Thoth the Scribe, Hermes the Magician, Mercury the Messenger, Z at Zero Point Return - one and the same.

Book Signing - Ellie and Whitley Streiber - September 20, 2007

The Business of Business:

This week Dennis Cannelis returned to offer a series of weekly blogs about the economy. Like other readers of Crystalinks, he is on a quest to find greater purpose after years in the corporate world. Incorporating business with the evolution of consciousness, Dennis has written an ebook to help small business owners. Dennis is an entrepreneur, business consultant and business coach. His website is Dennis' Email Read Dennis' Business Blogs.

Protectors, Teachers and Guides

The need to be taken care of, to find a protector and guide, moves consciousness in many directions. From the initial insert, we find the Mother figure (or caretaker) who watches over and guide her offspring. This is not unlike spirit guides who come to your rescuing, teaching, helping, healing and trying to show you the best path for your soul. Sometimes you listen, and often you need to experience for yourself. When the parental environment is dysfunctional, or non-existent, the child will suffer for the rest of their life, forever trying to find a way to heal, struggling to overcome issues and eventually learning to trust their guidance above. It takes so much effort, on all levels, to play this game in a dysfunctional grid, it amazes me that people do not realize it and let go of their dramas. But, as I have written, people are here to experience and learn through their dramas, until one day they realize the truth about the nature of our reality as a biogenetic experiment in time and emotion and let it all go.

Emotionally Detached: Lately I find people becoming more and more detached from the emotional grid, as reality makes no sense and all systems are failing, soon to shut down. Many people find this scary. I find it the norm. It's all part of the process.

Conscious Awareness: Consciousness, thought, the brain, is always inn motion in all levels of this experiment. Not sure why people would first be recognizing this now. Sleeping Babies' Brains Buzz Live Science - September 18, 2007 -- Babies need constant stimulation and are far more aware than most parents realize. Your conscious awareness is getting ready to move beyond the physical and back to light and thought.

People Watching: Eyes Can't Resist Beautiful People Live Science - September 18, 2007 -- Did you ever spent time with someone whose eyes are everywhere but on you? Their energies say, "I don't want to miss anything, and I don't mean to be rude." We all like to look at attractive people as they walk by. This is NY where beauty is everywhere. But when out with a friend, or more, attention should be focused on you, for the most part.

Too Close For Comfort: This takes me to another personality type that is difficult for me to be around -- the person comes up close in your face when they are talking to you! It doesn't happen often for me, but I have to step back to gain a more natural distance and perspective. You don't realize how much you are processing on all levels when you meet someone and start a conversation -- from general appearance, to body language, to face reading, to energies transfers, etc.