Self-Help Lists - December 2014

In December we make holiday shopping list and often New Year's Resolutions. We fantasize about what we want for the following year and whether it's something we can accomplish within that time. Some people believe that making an 'end of year list' will help manifest the items on the list into physical reality. It can't hurt to try. For now, here are some self help lists for December.

5 Email Habits Of Highly Productive People   Huffington Post - December 29, 2014

1. Set Designated "Reply Times"
2. Pick And Choose What's Key
3. Email Only The Quick Things
4. Sort All Your Stuff
5. Respond - Don't Mull

How to Deal With Aggressive People   Huffington Post - December 27, 2014

1. Remain calm
2. Empathize with the other person who is probably stressed
3. Express your concern
4. Be honest with yourself as to whether or not you get aggressive
5. Talk about it

The Year in Food   Live Science - December 26, 2014

1. Largest U.S. School Districts to Serve Antibiotic-Free Chicken
2. EPA Approves Toxic Herbicide for GMO Crops
3. Hormone Altering Pizza-Box Chemicals and Other Dirty Food Secrets Exposed
4. Walmart Joins Fair Food Program, Offers Tomato Pickers an Extra Penny a Pound
5. Whole Foods Introduces Sustainability Ratings for Produce
6. Documentary Films Spotlight Impacts of Broken Food System
7. Food Activists Join People's Climate March
8. Food Fights: A Mixed Bag on Nutrition

What Airlines Should be Doing to Stop Air Rage   Live Science - December 24, 2014
People do disgusting and disruptive things on airplanes. They show little regard or patience for fellow passengers and their needs. Inconsiderate behavior on the part of passengers can make air travel an unpleasant hassle for everyone. The 2014 annual Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study ranked the top on-board etiquette violators as reported by passengers:
1. Rear Seat Kicker: cited by 67% of study respondents
2. Inattentive Parents: 64%
3. The Aromatic Passenger: 56%
4. The Audio Insensitive (talking or music): 51%
5. The Boozer: 50%
6. Chatty Cathy: 43%

5 ways to be extraordinary   CNN - December 23, 2014

1. Show courage in a crisis
2. Exhibit grace under pressure
3. Meet evil head on
4. Miracles are within your grasp
5. Share credit for your success

  6 Of The Best Butt Exercises You're Probably Not Doing   Huffington Post - December 23, 2014

1. Squat To Sumo Squat
2. Glute Press
3. Standing Kickback
4. Stability Ball Wall Sit
5. Single-Leg Bridge
6. Curtsy Lunge

8 Things That I Want to Be in 2015   Huffington Post - December 23, 2014

1. Present
2. Trusting
3. Creating
4. Grateful
5. True to my muchness
6. Approaching life with an open heart
7. Less serious
8. Endlessly curious

7 Things You Need to Know When Your Doc Says Your Cholesterol Is Too High   Epoch Times - December 17, 2014

1. Your Doctor May be Basing Your Diagnosis on Data That's a Half-century-old
2. Guess what? You Actually Need Cholesterol
3. Your 'Numbers' Measure Cholesterol, But Really How Bad Is It?
4. Insist That Your Doctor Dig Deeper
5. For Many Statin Studies, the Fix is Usually in Well Before the Results Are
6. If Mom and Dad Made It into Their 90s, Think Twice
7. Stack the Deck and Play Your Cards Right

5 ways to fat-proof your home, no willpower necessary   CNN - December 12, 2014

1. Put fresh fruit on the counter.
2. Serve meals strategically.
3. Skillfully stock your fridge.
4. Buy smaller dishes.
5. Make single servings easy to grab.

7 Big Benefits Of Exercising Outside This Winter   Huffington Post - December 11, 2014

1. You'll burn more calories.
2. You'll strengthen your heart.
3. You'll drink more water.
4. You'll build a tolerance for the freezing elements.
5. You'll remember the importance of warm-up and cool-down routines.
6. You'll get a dose of vitamin D.
7. You'll feel happier and more energized.

Dealing With Anxiety Dreams and Your Sleep   Epoch Times - December 10, 2014

When you think of the holidays, do you think of stress or spirit? Is your “to do” list the first thing that comes to mind or your soul? If it is indeed stress, then you are likely to have typical anxiety dreams that go hand-in-hand with the hectic pace and demanding days leading up to the holidays. Here are some typical scenarios followed by some suggestions for surviving this time of year:
1. Unable to Call for Help
2. Missing the Plane, the Bus, or a Deadline
3. Phones Don't Work
4. Exams or Forgetting Your Lines
5. Body Dreams about the state of your body and health

Why Running Hurts Every Part of Your Body   Wired - December 9, 2014

1. The seven-step itch
2. Burning muscles 3. Side stitches/cramps
4. Gasping for air
5. Bubbleguts

7 Great Holistic Gift Ideas   Epoch Times - December 9, 2014

1. Books on health, wellness and environmentally-friendly living
2. Green Journal
3. Aromatherapy
4. Tea Gift Bag
5. Yoga Classes
6. Gardening Kits
7. Day at the Sp

4 Reasons It's Harder To Lose Weight As You Age   Huffington Post - December 9, 2014

1. You're not sleeping enough.
2. Your metabolism just isn't what it used to be.
3. You're not imagining things.
4. You're losing muscle mass.

5 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight   Huffington Post - December 9, 2014
1. Your perception of your body won't change over night.
2. There will likely be excess skin.
3. Some relationships might change.
4. Your new wardrobe might cost a pretty penny.
5. Others may think they're being supportive ...

5 Tricks For The Best Nap Ever   Huffington Post - December 8, 2014

1. Find The Middle Ground
2. Keep It Brief
3. Sack Out On The Sofa
4. Keep It Quiet
5. Coordinate The Caffeine

9 Ways To Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder   Huffington Post - December 8, 2014

Do dark, chilly days make your mood cloud over this time each year? You're not alone: Roughly 10 to 20 percent of Americans report feeling tired or sad when there are fewer hours of daylight in the winter months. With bone-chilling temperatures and blustery winds, it's easy to give in to laziness and snooze just a little longer instead of dragging yourself to that early Spinning class -- or, make a date with Netflix instead of bundling up and getting dinner with friends.
1. Soak up morning sunshine.
2. Maintain your routine.
3. Work it out.
4. Flip a switch.
5. Ditch the sugar.
6. Get outside.
7. Develop wintertime interests.
8. Practice relaxation.
9. Book a trip.

9 Reasons to Drink Your Morning Coffee   Epoch Times - December 2, 2014

1. The Cure For the Common Cold
2. A Natural Alternative to Ritalin
3. Banish the Blues
4. Encourage “Regular Movement(s)”
6. Reduced Rate of Death From Oral and Throat Cancer
7. Your Liver May Thank You
8. Decreased Risk of Dementia
9. Decreased Risk of Parkinson's Disease

4 Diabetes Signs & Symptoms   Epoch Times - December 2, 2014

1. Extreme thirst
2. Weight loss without trying
3. Blurry eyesight
4. Tingling in extremities









Self-Help Lists - December 2014

Self-Help Lists - December 2014

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9 Reasons to Drink Your Morning Coffee

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