Sci Fi Adventures

Star Date: 5/5/09: Fringe added another piece to the greater agenda involving Olivia, Peter and Walter. As with all things, for those like myself encoded as a child in 1954, the episode jarred my memory. In Walter's World, something terrible is coming. In Ellie's World, we are on the fringe of something wonderful. In the season final we meet William Bell (Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock).

Ellie's 'Fringe' Connection in Coney Island - February 2009

"Fringe" and Star Trek 2009 were co-created by J.J. Abrams of New York City. The Star Trek films and TV shows never triggered me in the way Stargate SG1 and Fringe do, but are fun non-the-less. Star Trek taught about the holodeck and reality as a virtual experience - "Computer end program!"

Star Date: Captain's Log: Friday May 8, 2008

Today I saw Star Trek 2009 in an IMAX theater - awesome. As always it was a fun adventure as we discovered how the original Star Trek team got together.

Beam me up!

May 8, 2009 - Full Moon 19 Scorpio

Wesak Wikipedia

This Full Moon takes us to Wesak sometimes informally called "Buddha's birthday."
It encompasses the birth, enlightenment (Nirvana), and passing of Gautama Buddha.
People gather in different areas around the world to pray, heal and find answers.

Flower of Life

Everything is based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry.

Live long and prosper.

The Law of Attraction - Creating Abundance

In 2009, the global economy is in a recession, and people wonder about creating abundance. The Law of Attract reflects what is going on within a person at their soul level, where experience is created. It is at that frequency one attracts by shifting their grid for needed experience - manifesting synchronicities of experience to learn. It is the oldest principle in the book, and is now attracting attention to itself as people move into higher levels of conscious awareness. Results make you laugh, cry, wonder, pay attention, but most of all become aware that not all things attracted are to be addressed until analyzed, as the learning lessons can be both positive or negative.

As of late, anyone I know who has let go of the program, raised their frequency to the understanding on all levels that it is almost over, has been able to manifest far more easily than others. Sometimes the program forces you to let go by the events in your life - most often reflected in loss - job, relationship, death, other. The more you let go, the faster things come in. Why? Because your consciousness is vibrating at a faster rate (higher frequency) where it creates.