Relationships August 2014

My most popular client relationship theme this month was .... Women who dated married men, not just for sex, but to build a future, then in the 11th hour, as is most often the case, the husband returned to his family for any number of reasons. Relationships can be very disappointing. The bottom line is don't get involved with someone who is involved with somebody else. That person may want to leave their partner but at the end of the day there are no guarantees.

Brad and Angie

Here's a storybook romance with a heartwarming ending ... Like most of the world, I love and admire Brad and Angie. Angie wound up with her then married man though Brad and Jennifer would not have lasted. What I love most about Brad is his sense of humor. You can't have a great relationship without it.

  Pitt and Jolie wedding announced   BBC - August 29, 2014

  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married over the weekend in France, a representative for Jolie confirmed Thursday.   CNN - August 28, 2014

The couple, who are the parents of six children, have been together for almost a decade. They got married Saturday in a small, private ceremony in a chapel at Chateau Miraval in the village of Correns. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to co-star in 'By the Sea'.

Ellie's Experiences in 2014

When I started Crystalinks 19 years ago, men used to email me all the time about being my soulmate and how we were going to take a metaphysical journey together ... blah ... blah ... blah ... At least they didn't ask what my "sign" was ... or did they? I really felt that had more to do with my energies than my appearance or perhaps it was both. In any case, I never encouraged anybody and never got involved with men in the metaphysical arena. They generally have more dramas than mainstream men - too much searching and healing and cheating. No wounded souls.

And so the years passed ... This year something interesting has happened. Men on Facebook have been emailing wanting to be in a romantic relationship. I find this all strange because it's not what I'm looking for. Further, I make it very clear to all that I have no time for email, so when I ask them to talk on the phone, I never hear from them again. Am I being old fashioned when I want to "talk" to somebody? Okay ... wrong vibe for me.

It would be nice to have a romance, but it has to be someone who understands what I'm about, is familiar with my work, is healthy, and lives nearby. Long distance relationships are too much work ... and money. I believe that with my access to the world, if there is someone out there for me we'll find each other. Presently I don't "see" him and with 2015 my being "9" year "Forget about it!" I have been lucky to have great relationships in the past as well as guy friends who are programmed to understand the hologram.

Years ago my friend Yolanda finally met a man. That's all she wanted after her divorce especially with her children grown. It was romantic and fun. Shortly after they moved in together he got cancer and died. She took care of him for one year. I've blogged about other friends and clients with the same situation. For me ... I'm not a caretaker. I just don't have it in me. I was a great mom, but that was a different kind of care taking. I recently realized that what I value most is my freedom.

Proving The Hologram

A physics experiment might soon tell us if we're living in a 2D hologram   The Verge - August 27, 2014
Now, thanks to an experiment recently launched at Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois, we might finally be able to determine how the universe stores the information we interact with everyday - and whether weĠre living in a hologram.

Do We Live in a 2-D Hologram? Physicists Aim to Find Out   NBC - August 27, 2014
Physicists at Fermilab in Illinois have turned on a laser-based experiment that could reveal whether the three-dimensional world we perceive is merely a "Matrix"-style illusion generated by a cosmic two-dimensional hologram. The Holometer experiment is the result of years of work by particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan and his colleagues at the federally funded Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and it could provide the first clear evidence for the existence of the holographic universe. The concept has been debated for decades, but it's devilishly difficult to show whether it can ever be anything more than a concept. Hogan aims to find out whether the universe is a hologram by looking for telltale quantum jitters in the fabric of space-time itself. "If we see something, it will completely change ideas about space we've used for thousands of years.

Holographic Universe