Reality Check

Traveling to Find Your Purpose

Friday May 17, 2013

With summer just ahead, I have received email ads about metaphysical and healing retreats over the next few months. I don't promote these ventures, but they might be worth searching for if you find one that matches your interests. Sharing with those of like mind can be beneficial, if only a temporary fix.

Many of the travel agencies that offered metaphysical trips to power sites in the past are gone ... still there are interesting places to explore ... just be careful where you go based on climate, natural disasters, disease, and the like. If you can't afford the expensive trip, plan something simple, for that too could work.

You travel to awaken something within, to stir your soul, to relax your mind and find some sort of meaning to the madness. You sense great change. You know the hologram doesn't work and anticipate its demise or evolution. Are you running away from, or towards something, or are you just going in endless circles?

Funnels and DNA Consciousness Journeys

May 15, 2013 Texas tornado outbreak   Wikipedia

12 around 1 to create physical realities

Original rough sketch of Sarah's amulet ... circa 1990

Z as one of the 12 Anunnaki holds a Cone

Original sketch of Alexander by a college student ... circa 1990... It's his hands
This was later interpreted as an Ancient ... an Eternal ... a Master Teacher

The Code is broken

Thursday May 16, 2013

Does it seem as if everything is cycling back to the past ... like a giant tornado that has a metaphoric eye ... coming out of nowhere and destroying everything in its "wake"?

For me things are indeed spiraling back to the beginning when I started in metaphysics and beyond. Every day there is at least one connection ... from old romances calling to say hi ... to former clients returning after many years if not decades ... to media invitations from people I worked with in the past ... to being asked to do readings at an event in the club next door (did that Thursday night) ... to invitations to lecture by former associates ... to people just coming back to say hi ... and much more. I am waiting for a Coney Island connection ... tunnels and funnels and cones of spiraling consciousness.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the legendary 85-year-old landmark Coney Island Roller Coaster - the Cyclone has been restored, its foundation untouched in the wake of Sandy. Over in New Jersey we find another iconic roller coaster making the news ...

Workers are demolishing perhaps the most famous symbol of Hurricane Sandy's devastation along New Jersey's shoreline - its roller coaster that plunged off an amusement pier into the ocean during the storm. Prince Harry of Wales' and Governor Chris Christie visited the site just before the demolition began.

We ride the roller coaster until it's over and consciousness flows back into the sea.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Life, as you know, is a roller coaster ride having its up and downs and challenges at every turn. Sometimes the ride (one's life) gets washed away into the sea of the collective unconsciousness from which it arose.

The number of people who are burned out and generally tired, is increasing as quickly as the pollen levels. Things just don't seem to work for many people these days, though they try to make it so. I've never heard so many people complaining about life as I have this week. This also affects sleep patterns and eating habits. The cause could be any number of things from climate, allergies, emotional problems out of control, finances and feeling a loss of power, the eclipse energies (May 9 & May 25), the program closing, other.

It's as if everyone wants to retire or at least take 6 months off and play. I suppose a well needed summer break or vacation helps, but does it really resolve issues?

Many people who have lived off their assets seem to be running out of money and are not sure what comes next as they don't want to work ... that is if they can even find employment. This also goes to their programmed need to only work if they are passionate about the work and it makes a difference.

Teachers reaching the end of the school year want to get out of the "system". Yes ... it's true .. systems don't work .. they never did ... were programmed to failure.

Speaking of teachers and education ... did you know that Cursive Writing is being phased out of the education system? Cursive writing dates back to ancient times and scripts ... and like everything else in the program is being deleted. Many ancient scripts flowed into each other and soon they will all flow into the sea. Automatic writing is an endless flow of connected characters and lines that are created by the mind of the author.

From ancient roller coasters to ancient monuments ... destroyed

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Many believe their answers lie in ancient ruins, but physical monuments and artifacts are symbolic of the past, and you are moving into and light.

I often wonder what would happen if the Great Pyramid was destroyed ... and why it has survived since the beginning ... or maybe it hasn't and has just been rebooted into the program time and time again. Nothing on this planet has anything to do with the close of the hologram - they are all just symbols that allow consciousness at this level to remember and return. I was never into the Mayan Mix - but many readers are and would be shattered at the very thought of a major pyramid in Belize being destroyed. Look around. What else is getting swept away in end times?

  Mayan pyramid bulldozed by Belize construction crew   BBC - May 14, 2013
Officials in Belize say a construction company has destroyed one of the country's largest Mayan pyramids. Head of the Belizean Institute of Archaeology Jaime Awe said the Noh Mul temple was leveled by a road-building company seeking gravel for road filler. The Mayan temple dates back to pre-Columbian times and is estimated to be 2,300 year old. Only a small core of the pyramid was left standing. Police said they were investigating the incident. Archaeologists said this was not the first incident of its kind.

  2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid bulldozed   MSNBC - May 14, 2013
A construction company has essentially destroyed one of Belize's largest Mayan pyramids with backhoes and bulldozers to extract rock for a road-building project. The head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology says the destruction was detected late last week. Only a small portion of center of the pyramid mound was left standing.

The Last Drop

Monday May 13, 2013

Many of Crystalinks long-time advertisers are closing their businesses - most of which sell a self-help system in one form or another. True we will forever remain in healing mode for that is our programming, but the energies are evolving, especially for those who already "get it" and have moved on to waiting mode.

When I search for the metaphysical websites of days gone by, to see what other researchers are reporting, their websites are either gone, or there is little new to report as consciousness moves on, their statements having been made. I suppose I could say the same for Crystalinks, as my message about reality and time as an illusion within a consciousness hologram of sorts, has been stated and restated, yet each day there seems to be something new to blog.

Friends who look at some of the more popular metaphysical and conspiracy speakers on YouTube, and their current predictions and theories, say it's more of the same and total speculation. There will always be dates for end times that never happen, because it's not the world that's ending, but consciousness in the hologram as it returns to light.

Can you imagine parallel timelines and the endless number of people all aware of closure and trying to figure things out in time, when time does not exist, so everyone is wrong, as the imaginary clock ticks away to zero "0" - the place you observe this reality.

TV series like "Ancient Aliens" were timed to allow consciousness to explore the potential of visitors who came from above to create new biogenetic experiments in which they could interact and explore humans and their emotions, visiting from time to time, deleting outdated programs, and creating something new. With the help of updated technologies, graphics and special effects, we got it, or think we have.

So what's next? This takes us back to Metaphysics 101 ... souls waking-up and getting the illusion. How far back did you figure that out? Remember the day you had that special dream, event, or epiphany about your journey here having greater meaning and purpose and what followed? You can never go back down the rabbit hole after that. You just move forward like Alice, until you wake up and realize it was all just a dream. Tick tock ...

Do you think there are other signposts along the road that will bring your consciousness closer to closure? There's nothing like a good metaphor to make my day ... or something "Earth shattering" that allows me to see how others around the world are "getting it".

Last week in Washington, D.C., once again researchers tried to bring to light alien-human interaction on the planet in modern times and cover-ups that should now be made public. It's like wondering why the three woman who were finally rescued in Cleveland last week didn't escape earlier. The answers are fear and programming in the hologram. Some things - or should I say most things - make no sense anymore. Secrecy always perpetuates the games in every realm of our experiences, including the way many people live their daily lives. It's not your fault. It's just the way you were programmed.

This morning on the news, it was announced that Barbara Walters would retire in the summer of 2014, at age 84. She was quoted as saying, "I looked forward to sitting on a sunny field and watching the men and women who follow in my footsteps."

It reminded me of the wonderful Mother's Day I had with family in New Jersey on Sunday ... sitting outside on a gorgeous day playing with my grandchildren and thinking ... was I ready to do this full time? The answers came quickly ... No. My family all work and have their social lives in all age groups, and that is as it should be. I simply am not ready to retire, my business busier than ever and the feeling of moving towards closure of the hologram, more pronounced each day.

From the mouths of babes ... My oldest grandson Michael, 15, made an interesting comment when I asked him about a client's son, John, age 17 who refuses to do his homework or much of anything. Michael, an honor students and top athlete, looked at me and said about John ... "He's just burned out. People just burn out at any age."

We all know people who are burning out. Perhaps you are one of them, as you sit there reading this and ponder about the fate of humanity or your life, or the end of this reality as we know it at this level of consciousness.

All things have a time and a space. All things have a beginning and an end. We exist in-between. We do with our experience as we are programmed and hope for the best attracting a barrage of experiences.

Someone in my workshop last month asked if perhaps I was sensing my own death and closure here. I explained ... as Ellie Crystal, I died several times in the past 70 years and still get rebooted back into the program each time ... so the answer is NO. I know why I am here ... how the program runs ... and like the water shimmering in the bottle of Poland Spring in front of me as I sit here typing ... it moves until the last drop is gone.