There are many legends and metaphors about the creation of the human race. Lurking out there in the grids are all the answers. The truth is out there!

Creating the Races of Man borrows from mythology, gods and goddeses of creation all of who promise to return one day, but none will. Our DNA and consciousness will evolve out of the box:

Other races include:

Some say humans were seeded by a Carian Race from which grew legends about bird tribes, bird headed Gods and Goddesses, symbols of wings, bird headed talisman, totems, masks, etc. These gods plan to return one day as they represent Ascension, the way out, Come Fly With Me...

Some say humans were seeded by a Feline Race, which includes, lions and tigers and bears ...oh my! In Egypt we find Sekhmet and Bast ... no wonder some of us hate cats ... these cat ladies were bitches (not a dog reference). They plan to return one day to start a new race because they represent feminine energies - creation - go figure that out.... This must be about the Sphinx and the information in the right ... or is it the left ...paw? No...not the paw... the hidden information...the hall of records... must be in the rump...or perhaps the tail.... Making the end-time scenario - the end of the tale/tail!

Some say humans were seeded by Draconians/ Reptilians, who are linked with Sumerian Gods, Quetzalcoatl, Nibiru, Nommo, part of the human brain, dinosaurs, dragons, gargoyles, snakes (DNA), among other nasty animals.

This group allegedly also plans to return one day. Perhaps the trip won't be as far as Nibiru as some say they already live beneath the surface of the planet and come up every now and again for dinner out with the family. I wonder if they know about Saturday's earthquake in NY? ... I best be on the look-out today! When the Twin Towers fell ... it affected the tectonic plates out this way...woke up a lot of people ..... The Reptoids must have read about it on internet and think Nibiru is coming back for them in 2003. Duh....Everyone knows the Nibiruans are only coming back for the Gold.... Like they have nothing better to do than remember to program their computers to get back here every 3,600 years...and they haven't evolved past gold. "Hey Dilmun! We're back......!" On Star Trek it's all about Gold Pressed Platinum....Best find a Ferengi on the way here!

Some say humans were seeded by Gray aliens, as a human fetus closely resembles a Grey alien and they seem to want to return and procreate again. Allegedly they never left... except for a quick Mars Mission. They just keep on...keeping on.....

Some say humans were seeded by other alien races who watch and wait, and are not allowed to interfere in humanity's development .... good vs. bad aliens .... polarity...aliens with issues and bi-polar disorder! Rumor has it, Earth is a penal colony .... run by men -as in 'penis' - time to activate the old pineal gland. The good aliens supposedly would love to enlighten us... but its against the rules. (Captain Picard told me.) As a result some of these goodie goodie aliens occasionally send telepathic messages to people who have their third eye tuned in to the sci-fi channel. These messages are not to be confused with the subliminal information the government sends out.... ELF's [extra low frequency...not elves] ... Or messages from New Age channelers who change their voices when they talk and believe that meditation is the only way to save humanity .... 'Let's heal those issues baby!' In ancient Egypt they would have mummified you - or had those scary black scarab bugs get you that with kind of channeled talk.....but that's another program .... We are way too evolved to believe that Thoth wrote the story of humanity and is now at the last chapter...If he had a computer instead of using a reed - or was that weed? .... we would have been out of here a long ago!

Some say humans were seeded by a 'Man' - as in HuMAN. Is that a 'Pole/Polish joke'? They call this man 'god'. He is humble and caring and filled with unconditional love for everyone no matter what they do....therefore he allows humans to screw things up without interfering. Many humans have said, "I am a good person. If there is god, why is my life so difficult?" This god has a policy of non-intervention! He plans to return one day in one of his many guises. Some say he's already here ... really? where?

Then there's Ellie who says this is all one big electromagnetic experience/program/ game/ illusion/ hologram/ created by a geometric blueprint with metaphoric archetypes and endless scenarios. Souls sparks enter into the ....then leave. This is not about dying that is still part of the illusion. It's about removing your consciousness and moving on... as it was written in the book/script/journal of our reality!

Who do you think created everything? For what purpose? Still see a golden age with balance and peace? Then you are not seeing yourself in this physical program as polarity/duality will not 'make it so'! So where do you want to go next?

What do YOU think is happening now that draws humanity back into the world of the esoteric in their experiences, books, movies, thinking, etc.?

Why do you suppose all of the legends say that the creational forces are going to return at this time?

Why do all of the prophets - old and new - see transition now?

As the story goes ... references to creation by any aliens or god races are just metaphors that can be deciphered with a bit of research.

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