Pyramid Mysteries

   Unlocking the Great Pyramid Live Science - November 14, 2008
National Geographic Presentation - November 16, 2008
Researcher Jean Pierre captured the Spiraling Geometry.

Great Pyramid Crystalinks

Spiraling energy and accelerating frequencies are shift the grid to closure. This all goes back to the ancient mystery school teachings, Egypt, the Great Pyramid, Isis and Osiris, Mary Magdalene and Jesus archetypes activating.

Great Pyramid Mystery to Be Solved by Hidden Room?

National Geographic - November 15, 2008

Alien Connections and Close Encounters

It all began October 13, 2008 when my client and I physically heard chimes in my apartment. Since then, I physically hear them with different people when we discuss metaphysical subjects.

The following events occurred on Friday November 7 ...

Close Encounters

Thursday morning, November 13, I updated my file on Maria Esperanza then 2 strange things happened. My first client was a man from Vancouver who works with Dreamworks, and is in town working on the animations for the Broadway show Shrek, that opens December 14. Suddenly we experienced a powerful cold breeze between us, uncertain who it was. We questioned people in his life, but they felt wrong. Then I thought it might be my ex-husband Ralph, as today was the third anniversary of his death, but that is not his signature. After my client left, I walked down the hall to throw out the garbage. On the floor was a trail of pink dried rose petals. Was it Maria and her rose symbology? A Jesus moment? Mother Mary?

Both Saturday and Thursday evenings, while searching for a TV show to watch, I paused at 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', not having connected to the film since 1977 when it premiered. Here's the thing ... each time I tuned in, I came in at the same scene ... Richard Dreyfuss' character Roy Neary sculpting a butte out of mashed potatoes.

Neary would later discover that his soul had guided him to create the archetype of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. Theories have suggested that Devils Tower is a volcanic plug or that it is the neck of an extinct volcano. Also in Wyoming we find the Yellowstone Caldera - a supervolcano. Native American tribes, including the Arapaho, Crow, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lakota, and Shoshone, had cultural and geographical ties to the monolith before European and early American immigrants reached Wyoming. Native American Folklore

At the end, Neary makes contact with the grays

who guide him to a new destiny.

We also cannot forget the scene with the coded music and lights blinking/linking the military with the ship, as this somehow connects to what I saw last Friday on the bridge.

Do I feel a connection with the gray aliens? Not in the classical abduction sense.

Other aspects of my soul are signaling me home.

Maya Civilization

Quetzalcoatl - 2012 The Evolution of Consciousness