The Pyramid of the Dove - Crystalinks

The Pyramid of the Dove

Symbology of the Dove tells us that spiritual man comes from the heavens
to dwell on the earth for all 'time', then leave when time no longer exists.

There are 12 major grid points on the planet with the Great Pyramid as
the center, or point of origin to the other side at the beginning of Time.

As the journey of humanity nears its end,
The Pyramid of the Dove
has shifted to guide their journey home.

The return of the dove is about the transcendence
of consciousness through the alchemy of time.

... To Journey with a Dove ...

Prepare as you would for meditation.


Feel free.

Envision your arms as wings ... agile and graceful.

It is your time to fly.

Tempus Fugit ... Time Flies

Waiting for you is the Dove of Transcendence.

Fly together ... higher and higher.

You journey through 11 ethereal pyramids

as the dove takes you from the beginning

to the last Pyramid over North America.

You move out of the eye and into the
Pyramid of the Heart
the center of your awakening.

When the people of the land move from one cycle of time to the next
there are custodians who guard the ancient wisdom that would one
day be revealed to the people when the next cycle was to begin.

This is that time and you are about to
become a keeper of that knowledge.

Spirits of the Ancients come to greet you.

Your soul recognizes them.

The Earth Mother stands before you, her heart chakra open,

her arms outstretched to welcome you in love and light.

She is here to help you awaken your feminine energies
to open your heart chakra
to understand the rebirth of human consciousness
and your inner journey of healing to restore balance.

Connect your heart chakra to hers.

Allow yourself to feel her fear ... Release it and your own.

Allow yourself to feel her pain ... Release it and your own.

Allow yourself to feel her anger ... Release it and your own.

Feel and connect with her unconditional love.

Accept this love as one who is worthy
one who has greater purpose.

Sound frequencies fill the pyramid
pulsating tones that resonate with you.

Telepathically your soul name comes to you.

It filters through every aspect of your being.

Relax and remember who you are and why you are here.

Allow the dove energy within you to raise your vibration
and carry you to a new frequency of love and light.

You are a custodian of the sacred knowledge
brought forth at this time.

Honor your journey and seek to help other souls.

In the Journey of the Dove

you are now the messenger in time.