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Happy Valentine's Day

Fat Tuesday was about Mardi Gras (Church) and the Trickster (State).

The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis

Tuesday night February 12, 2013 - Obama gave his 2013 State of the Union address where everything the president wants to fix over the next four years was spoken, and the hopes and dreams of Americans and others around the world follow. Obama pledged to reignite the economy. Believe what you must ...

Next we move to comments about Pope_Benedict_XVI retiring on Feb 28... Why are people surprised and many disappointed, while others are angered that he is stepping down? Do they feel abandoned by their fictitious god? Is this an end-time message that stirs their souls towards uncharted "waters"? Do they fear finding out the truth about religion?

Science and Pseudoscience ... they are merging and the turn about time and reality as illusions is being proven.

In a similar vein ... others feel abandoned by mythological gods or aliens who allegedly channel to them making false promises of returning as we journey into love and light ... seriously? I know we all sense an alien presence here, one linked to creation, so what does that mean? It's all the same. Metaphysical philosophy is not much different that religious doctrine ... preach ... preach ... and teach. Believe what you must ...

Everything is about partying to balance the pain and challenges of reality. If you are religious and celebrating Mardi Gras this year - what does it mean to you - party time or religious connection? Are you going to follow the traditions of Lent this year beginning tomorrow on Ash Wednesday? Seriously? Does this make you closer to god or are you going to continue your experiences as per your programming?

Mardi Gras and Carnival are about the Joker who tricks us until we figure out the truth. He is symbolized by the fleur de lis (flower of life) which means reality is a practical joke though nothing about it has ever been funny. This is all myth as is religion. On a subconscious level are religions a means of control?

Church and State ... time to come crumbling down!

Bolt from the blue: Lightning strikes St. Peter's after pope's announcement

Hi Five

The Holy See ya' next time

February 11, 2013 - Pope Benedict XVI, 85, is resigning. The last pope to resign was Gregory XII in 1415. It's going to be interesting speculating on the circumstances behind this historic event. I remember predicting the pope stepping down at Easter 2012 and seeing black smoke; one year later I see white smoke. I didn't see the pope dead, just incapacitated, though his time here is short.

According to the prophecies of Saint Malachy, the last Pope will be elected after Benedict XVI and will be called Peter the Roman. The first head of the Catholic Church was St. Peter. I was thinking about the next pope and keep seeing a black man, so I researched and found this Cardinal whose name happens to be Peter - Peter Turkson of Ghana, but he feels wrong. I can't get Ethiopia out of my head.

Why the buzz over St. Malachy's 'last pope' prophecy outdoes 2012 hype   MSNBC - February 13, 2013
Just when you thought it was safe to go out of the bunker, there's a fresh wave of doomsday buzz over a purported 12th-century prophecy suggesting that the next pope will be the last pope before the end of the world. St. Malachy's "Prophecy of the Popes" has no credence in the Roman Catholic Church, but its effect could well be longer-lasting than the hype that surrounded the 2012 Maya apocalypse - especially if the papal conclave goes with one of the favored candidates for Benedict XVI's successor. But if the coming papal conclave really wanted to drum up the doomsday talk, as well as sales for "Petrus Romanus," all they'd have to do is elect one of the leading candidates: Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, a member of the Roman Curia. Even though church tradition would forbid any pope from taking the name Peter II, Turkson could arguably be described as Peter the Roman. Others suggest that he could be the "young red black one" mentioned in the similarly cryptic doomsday prophecies of Nostradamus.

On this date in 1858

A French girl, Bernadette Soubirous,
claimed to have experienced the first of 18 visions
of a lady dressed in white in a grotto near Lourdes.

George emailed: "Sunday morning I woke up with a strong remembrance of the numbers    2    8    1    8    and have no idea what it means. One thought I had was, "Did it add significance to the dates Feb. 28 to March 18?"    March 18 is also 318 from the the last episode of "Touch" called "Event Horizon; Closer". (See below) The new pope will elected, in or around, that date.

Prophecies: Earth changes are accelerating and signs of closure are everywhere.

Today at 1:07 AM, the electric clock in the kitchen stopped - the plug not lose - no power outage. When I woke up I noticed the problem, pulled the plug, reset time, plugged the clock back in, and time restarted as if it never stopped but was just conveying a message ... Time is being resequenced.

Speaking of clocks, Zero Hour premieres Thursday night.

Hank Galliston is a self-professed paranormal junkie, but his experience is mainly limited to his magazine Modern Skeptic until the day his wife is abducted from her antique clock shop, pulling him into a mystery that stretches around the globe and over centuries. Hank learns that one of his wife's clocks contains a treasure map that may lead to something cataclysmic, and he must unlock its secrets while making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Hank's associates, Rachel and Arron, and FBI agent Becca Riley join him as he races against time to find his wife and save humanity.

Zero Point Merge


From Fashions to Soundscapes to Ice-scapes to Algorithms

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC February 7-14


Ice-scapes ... February 2013 nor'easter

We are all programmed with patterns that drive what we do while experiencing in the hologram.

For me it has always been about the patterns of reality based on the numeric codes of creation.

The Fibonacci Sequence

Friday night I fell asleep after watching Touch - an episode called "Event Horizon; Closer"
where reality moves from 2D to 3D to be physically experienced in the hologram.

Jake Bohm is an 11-year old autistic boy who is obsessed with numbers and can see past, present and future events through their patterns. The writers have moved forward this year with the 36 and other patterns that I connect with. The season numeric message seems to be 318.

"Event Horizon" featured a brown wooden chess piece the knight (horse head). I generally see a shiny black horse head (creation from the void) when I am to associate with that piece in "the game". This reference took me to the horsehead nebula the dark cloud of dust and gas - a region in the Orion Nebula where star formation is currently taking place. I dreamed about Orion last night and the word "Return". It was a restless dream where I kept trying to wake myself up both here and somewhere else.

I also dreamed about Brenda, my friend in San Diego, who shared my journey in California last December and what happened to us in La Jolla. Brenda's birthday is 2/15 - mine 2/17. She was also mentioned in a recent blog The Boy, the Sweat Lodge, and the Blue Object, photos Brenda was guided to send me. We meet in Nashville next Friday, February 15th, as suddenly the meaning of our reunion seems more significant than previous thought. I also visited the Santa Monica Pier last December, the primary location of "Event Horizon; Closer".