Spiraling Rings are generally explained as the camera strap.
More personal interpretation is up to the viewer.

Ellie's Images

Who: Ellie and a friend named Tom
When: May 15, 1994
Where: Brooklyn at the wedding of my daughter, Zsia to Jon
Camera: Kodak

Who: Ellie
When: June 1994
Where: Brooklyn, New York - My Living room
Camera: Richo

Photos Sent By Readers

Looks like a Winged Entity - Dragon? [DNA]

Taken By: Sara
Location: Capricorn Coast, Queensland, Australia
Date: December 1993 (Summer in Australia)
Camera: 35 mm
Comments: The photographer and those in the photo were all very spiritually-minded people

Name: Suketu Nalk
Place: North Salt Lake, Utah
Date: 12/25/2004
Camera: Olympus D-575
Comments: This is a picture of a friend of mine taken by another friend. Absolutely phenomenal! I didn't realize this kind of phenomena was real until I saw this photo.

Taken By: Cynthia Ury
When: 2002
Where: McAlester, OK

Who: Kathryn E. Bright-Roa
When: 1998
Where: West Hartford, Connecticut

Who: Kathryn E. Bright-Roa and her Maid of Honor, Lyra Escalona
When: June 2001
Where: Bridal Shower - Newport News, VA

Comments: My Mother is Filipino, my father is American Indian (Naragansett) and German. A lot of mystical things have happened to my family on both sides - my mother and her side of the family when they were in the Philippines followed by other occurrences here in the US but not as many. My father also has had ongoing experiences since childhood.

Taken By: Amanda
When: October 2003
Where: Quesnel Lake, BC, Canada
Camera: Fujifilm Clear Shot 50AF

Taken By: Irene Blechter
When: July 3, 2000
Where: Quebec, Canada

Comments: The girl in the photo is Elena, the 12 year old daughter of Irene, the woman I traveled with - to Egypt in December 2000. Irene is linked to me and the story of Sarah and Alexander which centers around July 4th. Irene's birthday is July 3.

Spirits of 9/11

Who: Chris
When: Easter 1999
Where: Brooklyn

Chris' husband, Sal was killed on 9/11 in Tower 1.

Chris, December 2001, Florida

Comments: Sal, speaks with Chris through dreams. He also moves pictures, opens closets, and helped their friend Matt friend his lost credit card, which turned up on Matt's kitchen table. I have 'talked' to Sal and some of his friends who crossed over on 911. Sal was a police officer who has made a good transition to the other side. He has brought Chris and I messages of the heart and some that are humorous. We honor him and the spirits who come here each day who crossed over on 9/11.