Photographs With Children

Name: Lindsay Schaeff, age 15
Date: October 22, 2004
Place: Saginaw, Michigan
Camera: Disposable Kodak
Lindsay is the only photographer in our house who can capture interesting images in her pictures. She was taking this one of her brother, Mark waving to his friend Samantha. I find it interesting the image is directed from or towards Mark's head.

Date: July 3, 2000
Place: Quebec, Canada.
The girl in the photo is Elena - the 12 year old daughter of Irene, the woman I traveled with to Egypt in December 2000. Irene is linked to my book of Sarah and Alexander which centers around the July 4th weekend. Irene's birthday is July 3rd.

Spirits often appear as rings of ectoplasmic energies. The more rings - in finer detail - the more evolved the spirit. This is one of the best spirit photos I have ever seen! The numbers next to Elena read - 3651. The date should appear there as it does on the other images taken that day.

Taken By: Patrick
When: January 2002
Where: Kamniska Bistrica, Slovenia
Camera: Pentax PC-50
Comments: Lisa (my daughter), Filip (my son), Marjan and Boa (our friends) and Bambi. I don't know whose spirit it might be. Nature feels very strong over there!


When: March 20, 2002
Where: South Jersey
Camera: Fugifilm Zoom 38- 120mm
Comments: This home was built in 1860

When: Easter Sunday 2001
Where: New York City
Who: Three year old twins - Brittany and Brendon
Comments: The twins see spirits

May 20, 2000

Above is a photo of a client named Lisa who came to see me today. Lisa and I go back for years - through many of her trials and tribulations one of which included a tubular pregnancy several years ago. No one could find out the source of the severe pain she was having. I had told her in a reading just prior to that time - that she would have a tublar pregnancy within three months - in the right tube. She told the doctors - who decided to check out and found my prediction correct. They told her that the tube was about to burst. She feels she could have died and I saved her life! It bonded us. Lisa went on to get pregnant again and was in her ninth month when the photo above was taken. She had a healthy baby girl in June.

The rest of the roll of film had the correct dates on each photo: 4-28-00. But this picture showed a date of 2-1-94.

Spirit watching over baby. Baby watching spirit.
The family thinks the Spirit's name is Bobby - the baby's deceased uncle.

Spirits Who Open Your Chakras for enlightenment