Patterns, Children, Nadya, Angelina, Shoes, Souls-Soles and Roles


Patterns allow us to make sense of the events in our lives . . . to consciously connect the dots . . . They are created by the grids for soul experience.

As souls spiral into physical consciousness (think Milky Way Galaxy sending souls through the eye or black hole that emanate tones and color frequencies), they attach to whatever grid is accessible at that instant and play out that role/experience in time as a learning experience for the collective unconsciousness.

Experience is all random happenstance based on a geometric matrix/blueprint - more currently referred to as sacred geometry.

All patterns of learning and experience go to the brain where they are processed mentally, emotionally and spiritually then recorded in the collective unconscious.

Here is an example of patterning that began around the turn of the 21st century - autism - having to do with the brain and conscious awareness. In recent years we find an emerging pattern with an increase in autism in various stages - some treatable - some severe. It is a study in consciousness.

Patterns are found in soul groups born under specific zodiac signs and born in certain years. One notes that the learning lessons of a specific soul group follow the same guidelines and patterns.

Here is a curious pattern that affects two woman and most likely others that we never get to read about. We all know about Angelina Jolie and her obsession with having children as a means of surrounding herself in love. (Teenage pregnancies also follow a theme of the mother wanting to be loved unconditionally without realizing the pitfalls of raising a child.)

Now we go to Nadya Suleman the mother of the octoplets + 6. Nadya has a striking physical resemblance to Angelina. Did she have plastic surgery on her in lips and nose? She says No, but older photos belie the truth. Actually she was much prettier with her old face. Does she style her hair like Angie? Seems so. Will she slim down? In time ... imagine the stretch marks.

Following grid patterns ... both women's souls came in on the same grid ... born in 1975 in Los Angeles - Angie on June 4 and Nadya on July 11. Both appeared to have been emotionally challenged in their teens and 20's - their issues going back to childhood. Nadya's mother name is Angela.

Both women want to help and heal others. This follows the pattern of healing one's wounds/issues - generally created in childhood and never resolved - by healing others. You heal your childhood issues by working with children - patterns. Angie takes her work out to the world on a global scale - while Nadya wants to get her masters in counseling. I am sure in the weeks and months ahead we will learn more about Nadya's childhood abuses and determine which of her parents she inherited the mental illness from.

Nadya is obviously devious and troubled, out of touch with the reality of raising so many children but thinks she has it all together as she talks about raising 14 children - one or more autistic, the oldest age 7 - without a father.

Years ago she considered suicide. In her 20's Nadya did the disability drop-out pattern most disturbed, nonfunctioning people do so they can stay home while the government supports them. In this crazy economy the taxpayers are picking up the tab. Do you find this dysfunctional? And I'm sure you realize that Nadya will go on to make money at the end of the day with movie and TV deals. Nadya on YouTube.

This will go on and on and many people will help Nadya believing her to be a victim of whatever ... as she pushes their issues. She's headed into a breakdown. You can see it on her face and hear it in her voice. You have to wonder when a mother of 14 had time to get a French manicure ...

CNN News stated that her medical bills exceed one million dollars. Tuesday's Dateline interview with her children showed the older children not wanting any more babies in the already overcrowded home. The older boys appear to have ADD. The younger ones suffer from autism.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe ....

She had so many children, she didn't know what to do.

Shoes and Souls were not created to last.
A Shoe Last is the solid form around which a shoe is molded.

Shoes are a metaphor for soles/souls
many tattered and torn
waiting to return to the navy blue frequency.

Let's go to another popular topic in the news ... the economy. Some people speak openly about their salary and assets with those they know and trust, while most keep their information confidential for any number of reasons. It's an interesting thing about the recession - as with all things in the program - the truth is coming to the surface. People who never talked about personal finances are now discussing their losses and the changes they are making in their lives as a result.

Roles are changing and with that the way many people live and play the games of money and power that control destiny. The program always dictates change for experience. Those who have lived modestly, no matter how much money they made, will adapt better than those who lived opulent lifestyles. The patterns created by the flow of money in our lives is forever changing, so plan carefully.

Do you get the feeling the other shoe is about to drop ... everywhere !?

Patterns and the Roles We Play

Back in the days when my routines and daily patterns centered around child rearing, I was a huge soap opera fan, as were my friends, and even the children. For a while I watched the ABC soaps as I had friends on the shows.

On January 31, 2009, I was saddened to hear about the death of actor Clint Ritchie (age 70) who played Clint Buchanan on One Life to Live from 1979- 2004.

As things follow patterns, Phil Carey who played Clint's rich and powerful father, Asa Buchanan from 1979-2007, died February 6, 2009 at age 83. If they were really father and son, you would say their souls travel together, but this is an interesting synchronicity, wouldn't you say?

At the end of the day ... there is no past nor future ... only the present and One Life to Live. Make the most of it.