American Civil War Began 150 Years Ago - Past Lives and Grids

Past Lives in the American Civil War

Once upon a time in America ... an insert was created in the master hologram ... called the American Civil War. As that was only 150 years ago, as we mark time, recalling a past life in the war is easy. Further, taking photos of events in that war, or viewing into that grid to see ghosts is also easy. As we know, events in the grid all run parallel, not in the past, therefore you can align your grid with any character in the war, to experience. That is one of the beautiful aspects of the program. You can most easily see another aspect of your soul playing a role in the war ... getting killed ... follow that soul aspect between lifetimes, then returning to what linearly is the next grid - WWI.

To pick (align with) a character is to see your emotional code today. For example, I like being a man though I was a Madame in the American Civil War - owing a brothel. (Perhaps we knew each other.)

As a white male, I can better enjoy the adventures of the day, especially as a spy. Have I killed somebody while in another body? Of course I have. We all have, for one reason or another. The trick is to look at the projected illusion of it all and move on.

FYI :: None of the bodies (roles) I have aligned with, were consciously aware of the hologram.

Wars are markers that imply a new insert/start - as do all things violent that reshape the program. Currently we have wars, natural disasters and their aftermaths. To end the program, more powerful markers are inserted. It all helps soul remember the hologram and the need to detach or else be deleted when the physical grids are gone.

Where were you on April 12, 1861? Close your eyes and see if you were in the war. If you see yourself getting killed - no biggie. You may even feel the pain of a gunshot or knife wound. We've all met violent deaths along the way. Do we carry that imprint? It depends who you ask. I say no, others believe you carry things over from lifetime to lifetime and must now clear it all as a product of all your experiences to move into the light. Again I say no. When the program ends, you bleep out and that's it. You do not carry the burden of guilt and other negative emotions with you as there is no where to carry them to. Do not spend the rest of your time here dwelling in the past and thinking "I am paying back." Get over all religious and metaphysical beliefs you have been taught (they are the same) that control you.

Ask yourself ... Do I need to feel negative emotions to feel alive, or can I be satisfied to play out the rest of the simulation (program) in peace? I know what you are going to say .... that all goes to the way you are programed ... and you would be right, but you can change it by feeling comfortable living without drama and meaning it. What's cool is when clients tell me they know what is wrong with them as they have done their homework, but prefer to play in drama a while more. They still want to live through (in) their issues or be bored to death. Trust me ... the end of this program will be anything but boring. Wait for it.

April 12, 1861 - April 9, 1965

The American Civil War Begins

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