6 Psychic in Park Slope

Wednesday evening at 6, 6 female psychics friends gathered at the home of one of my long time friends, Roy and Mallory, in honor of her birthday and their newly renovated brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was about sharing, fun, and stimulating conversation. The house has amazing energy and a moveable portal that shifts about, a must for any home.

The lightning and thunders gods made their presence known throughout the evening as rain continues to reign in this area. Sometimes a point was emphasized with the roar of thunder or streaks of lightning, my favorite.

There was a feeling of reunion, most of us friends for 10 years or more, metaphysics the common denominator.

Astrologically speaking our group included a Cancer (Mallory), Virgo (Christina), Scorpio (Pat), Sagittarius (Karen), Capricorn (Jane), and Aquarian (Ellie).

Spirits were felt moving around, often easy to see. This was in no way a sˇance as we do not use such terms. We just converse with spirits and have fun.

From dinner to desert and on to metaphysical topics as we sat in a circle, candlelight guiding our way.

If you are into metaphysical terminology, one might have viewed us as a group of priestesses working with higher frequencies of thought consciousness, though we did nothing to shift the grids. There is nothing one can do and it's best not to meddle in time.

There were messages for everyone, about anything and everything, including the universe, each person defining their meaning of the words, 'evolution of consciousness'.

Christina mentioned that it is a slow process not the sudden ending I see at zero point.

Maybe people don't get my 'drift'. The 'ascension' process has been occurring for decades in linear time and is rapidly spiraling to zero point. That is where we are going and it is not scary. The healing and energies work you are guided to, the awakened mission feeling, is your main step. Hopefully long time readers understand that we are almost there and what it means.

With the usual global problems running amok, Iraq, Israel attacking Beirut, Korean missile situation, Terrorism in India, Earth Changes, none of my friends sees a war that will end-it-all. Dramas continue until zero point.

Pat and I are on the same page about closure and the program. You lose the physical body and return to source. There is, and never will be, a utopia at the physical level. You are not who you are sitting there at your computer reading this. You are so much more. (Whoa! My heart chakra just opened in confirmation, a blue light flashing across the screen.) She and I talked about recent grid inserts, how quickly they are changing as the program cycles down, and how a new insert can change everything in a 'heartbeat', poof, the magic is over.

Towards the end of the evening, everyone wanted to psychic for me. Who is Ellie and what is she about? At that moment I knew my answer would come by asking the time. "It's 20 to 12," Christina said checking her watch. Pat and I looked at each other and laughed, 2012, closure. The wind outside swirled in circles, moving the old trees, causing us to roar with harder. (Is that a Leo/Lion Omega joke?) Christina saw the number '69' for me which goes to Cancer, July 4th, Masonic Program, "Sarah and Alexander". I'll be 69 in 2012.

Some time later, I looked over at Mallory who works with 'temporal distortions'. I could see her talking, yet could not hear what she was saying, as if I had plunged into another reality. Very cool.

At the end of the day, or should I say the today, as we lost track of time and it was suddenly 1:00am, we each came away enlightened and enriched for time spent. After all, that is the purpose of the program.