Order of the Golden Discs - Initiation

In another dimension over Peru, there exists

one of 12 pyramids that create our reality.

Today you will journey to the Ethereal Pyramid over Peru

to become an Initiate of the Golden Discs of Light.

Relax as you sit at your computer.

The Initiation begins.

Three rings descend around you moving you into the pyramid.

Once there you view a circular screen which

reflects the programming of the Peruvian Pyramid.

You see the Nazca Lines being imprinted on the landscape

as signposts to help humanity awaken.

You view the celestial blueprint of Machu Picchu when created.

You discover the powers of the Incan Crystal Tower.

You are taken to the Great Hall in the Pyramid where you see
12 round metal golden solar discs suspended as if in mid-air.



The time has come for you to activate the Golden Discs.

Hesitantly you stand before the 12 golden solar discs
wondering which one to activate first.

Your soul guides you to a specific disc.

When you touch it with your cursor,

the disc begins to resonate with tones

and messages that fill your being.

Rays of light fill the chamber.

You remember the information connected to that disc
as it pertains to your journey.

You return to the discs and continue to select another
disc hoping the sequence is correct.

Each disc will reveal another aspect of your journey.

Open one disc at a time.

Listen for the harmonic as the crystal hits the disc.

See the light rays in your mind and soul.

If done in the proper sequence you will remember
who you are and what your destiny is.

Allow each disc to bring you a different message of
enlightenment and awareness and you will remember.