Email from Tirzah in Canada - Friday October 14, 2011

When Your Programing Kicks In ...

... you understand the nature of reality. It's like an epiphany that creates a sigh of relief after which you finally stop searching. You are on the platform, waiting to leave. You may see a familiar face in the crowd and feel a connection beyond the physical as the journey is about to end and you are going off to something far greater that goes beyond the ever-changing virtual film strips - the streaming consciousness of this reality.

Email from Tanja - Saturday October 15, 2011


Platforms can refer to waiting places, agendas, the UFO experience, more.

For some reason I feel a need to post this 3 minute video uploaded July 18, 2011.
It's more of a connection to leaving on the large ship than the
dramatic ending which does not connect for me as presented.

This video shows the diamond shape UFO I experienced at age 11.
It's the first time I've seen it captured on video seen at 2:02 - 3:02.

Prophecies: Merlin and Mother Shipton

This was another one of those mornings when a wee bit of magic (though I'm sure not by accident) brought Merlin and his prophecies to my attention. The file was open on my desktop, so I decided to update it and see what messages awaited. It would seem we are again looking at ancient alien theory (which actually goes to those who create the hologram not an alien group) and a character named Merlin (there may have been more than one Merlin in our holographic simulation), as someone not of this Earth, an unexplained actor in the myth, math, metaphor and magic of our reality, who guides humanity then and now. The video below mentions the prophecies of Merlin and another real or fictional character named Mother Shipton whose prophecies and very existence are up for debate - but then again we are all projected illusion.

Pause and reflect .... are you really here?

Historic paradigms, legends, prophecies, and symbolism served a purpose - but now we are finished with our studies here and returning. Thinking in 3D symbolism is old hat (consciousness). Moving right along ... throughout history there have always been souls who were psychic ... oracles making similar predictions about end times by reading the grids or their own programing to do so ... all of which seem to converge now. Today we are all psychic having our own way of accessing information as our DNA allows us to grid travel and see beyond in dreams and other experiences and visions. We are evolving. Our consciousness is evolving. Those who created this program may or may not be evolving along with us, or may be us. What seems important is knowledge gained through experience and this reality is one of many to that end. Everything tells us that - so now we wait and pay attention to that which guides.

Email from Christine

Thanks Christine ... I had fun making the image of your son with Merlin - Merlin and Merlin ... Life is one big ongoing sequence dream that is ending as we awaken. If we are at the point on the timelines where everyone is dreaming about the program ending, including my daughter Nikki, and maybe others who don't understand their dreams ... then we are not far away. Dream time and real time are indeed merging and emerging.

Emergence ~ Synergy ~ Alchemy

It's all a tale (tail).



Mobius Strip

October 13, 1917

Fatima: The Miracle of the Sun

Fatima Prophecies

This re-enactment allows one to understand
that the sighting was a UFO and alien related.
It's all projected illusion in the hologram of our reality.

Columbus Day 2011 - Christopher Columbus also encountered UFOs

Monday, October 10, 2011

A strange thing happened on Columbus Day this year - the temperatures rose to 85° so off I went to Westport, CT. to play with my daughter Nikki and her family. It was Ryan's birthday which always adds to the fun. The weather brought everyone out to the local beach where I met lots of moms, dads, and children taking what one could call a Mental Health Day as the summer nears its end.

Drew and Noah

Ellie makes a friend

I met a woman named Kate, another grandma relaxing at the shore with her daughter and two grandsons, one of whom is Noah's friend Drew. Kate is one month younger than I and is of Irish descent. We sat in the shade watching the children play while discussing how we were raised - Jewish vs. Irish - and how our lives turned out.

Back in the day when we were young ...

My parents gave me freedom of choice, but instilled in me the need for women to have a college education and career because you never know what happens - a woman should be strong and always able to take care of herself in the dramas of life. I suppose my Mom, being psychic, knew I would one day return to work after my children were grown, or would leave my marriage to pursue my chosen destiny - the one she took me find in the Nevada desert in 1954. Teaching was the career of choice for them, and in a way my entire life has been about teaching, moving out of the confines of the classroom and into the world. I'm not good at dealing with disciplining others, bureaucracy, and the dramas children bring to the classroom in many inner city schools.

Kate got a job after high school, married the same year I did - and had 4 children in 6 years while I had 3 children in 5 years. We both stayed home to raise our families - divorcing in the same year 1983. I went back to teaching while Kate had to find a way to earn a living. Luckily she 'attracted' a wonderful employer (not a romance) who taught her the skills needed to be successful in the corporate world, as she moved her way up the ladder at a time college was not a requirement for business if you came in on an entry level. Today she is happily remarried, retired and enjoying her time, though sometimes bored after years of a successful career. She thought about getting a part time job, but as you know from last week's blog, people don't hire seniors. I told her I would never remarry - not for me - but would love to find a man in my age group who gets me ... and as to work - I love it.

We also discussed the changes in the economy and how no one can fix it. The stay-at-home-mom could easily be forced back to work as her husband loses his job or after a divorce. Does she have skills, or the required education? Ladies ... plan ahead. It's all based on money and safety, which is why so many people are going crazy waiting for inheritance. Everyone needs to find a way to be independent. It's the game. Then again we have those who take the disability route ... but that's another blog ... dozens of them.

Economy October 2011

There are those who get it and the rest who feel someone will pull a rabbit out of a hat and reinvent it. Occupy Wall Street - which began at Ground Zero as all things do - is spiraling out as the movement has gone global. You know the reasons people are marching - basically due to the collapse. This is all going somewhere starting from NYC. As all things are myth, math and metaphor - this movement is a metaphor for the growing frustration in the global economy. Many see global riots and other chaos in the months ahead. It is already happening. Be happy you know where this is headed very quickly.


People live their lives based on hope ... without it there is nothing. And yet the greatest hope for the future is the understanding of where we are going and how that presents whatever people envision when all shifts .. and shifting it is.

What are we waiting for?

Waiting to catch up to the timeline

Stargate SG1 - February 15, 2005

Amanda Tapping, as Samantha Carter, time travels to the distant past in a two-part episode called Moebius which taught us about the Mobius Strip. Carter's main concern was returning to this timeline without altering it. She believed she was successful but she was wrong as shown with the subtle changes in the program at the end. Alas change happens and no one is aware because they don't remember.

Sanctuary - October 7, 2011

Amanda ... now playing the role of Dr. Helen Magnus (we all play many roles) went back in time to the year 1898 in an episode called Tempus. Again she had a mission, which she completed all the while knowing she could not remain in that timeline as another version of herself existed there. As she has the gift of longevity, it was suggested she remain in hiding then take her place in 2011 as time moved forward. Lots of loops and loopholes in that theory not to mention the fact that if time (grid) travel is physically possible, all would be altered. It happens all the time. Alas this is Sci-fi and so we will next catch up with Amanda in present day back in the Sanctuary on Friday nights. FYI - love her long dark hair.

Ellie the Time Traveler

As I pondered a connection with Friday's episode and my journey in this timeline - Z reminded me of several points. My earliest memory was coming here based on the "time travel" experiments in the labs during WWII Germany .... memories shared with others I met along the way while here. The agenda was always time travel and biogenetic experiments and eventually a return to that point of entry from this grid experience to one in 1939. That timeline is happening soon based on the Mobius Strip theory and linked to the global hologram we experience today.

Finding the Key

After my discussion with Z, I noticed something shiny on the carpet. I picked it up and much to my surprise it was a tiny silver key. It's origins remain unknown. As it was near my bedroom closet door, no one beside me walks there who could have dropped it. It was there by design. Maybe I sent the key to myself through time and space as another reminder - much like my recent blue photo experience aout waking up from a virtual experiment. It won't be long now.