The 2013 Message Board

New Years Eve in Ellie's World was about having dinner and laughs with friends in my area. I've welcomed in many New Years in the past, each one unique in its own way. Despite prophecies, predictions, and whatever else we assumed would happen last year, the very tumultuous 2012 is fading quickly in the rearview mirror - time more lucid than ever and a knowing that something is not right.

I went home ... got into bed around 10:30 .. and fell asleep. Then a strange thing happened. As if on cue, I woke up just before midnight and put on the TV to watch the ball drop in Times Square ... an event that always makes the new year more official. The count-down clock read 2:17 ... evoking a chuckle as that is my birthday. No ... this year I would no longer examine the synchroncities as they constantly present themselves to me, because none of this seems real.

I watched the count-down to zero, the ball slowly dropping as thousands of revelers packed the streets, some wearing New Year's hats and sunglasses boasting "2013". The romantic in me watched couples kissing, laughing as a gay male couple announced their engagement. I felt like a time traveler, or observer, happy to be in a space where two men could display their affections and were accepted.

Outside I heard the sounds of fireworks, sending me to the window on the 4th Avenue side. Sure enough golden fireworks were being set off from the rooftop of a building across the street. I quickly got my camera, but just like trying to get a photo of the UFO that passed by here five years ago, I was too late. A new year had begun and still I could not help but feel that none of this is real, that I didn't belong here, and that the illusion would soon end.

Each New Years, after the review of our lives, we conceive of the future - both short and long term - and set goals in a world that becomes more cynical as we uncover the deceptions reality offers as if challenges that have burned us out to the point nothing makes sense. Still there are those who have hope for 2013 as the year everything turns around. As a psychic reader, this is a very busy time as people focus on the future while forever resolving the past. Certain themes continue - the movement away from outdated belief systems, relationships, and situations. Reality just shifted into something more lucid. Could this have occurred to allow for a better understanding of reality as an illusion?

For years, psychics have made predictions at the beginning of each year, then scrutinized them at the end of December. Predicting events can be dangerous, making many fellow psychics lose credibility in the game of "Hits and Misses". Inaccurate predictions happen because people often allow their personal biases to obscure reality. The big problem with predictions these days is they require the absorption of large amounts of information across an enormous landscape - sometimes straddling disparate points in time and space ... until it all disappears in the quagmire of probabilities at zero point.

No one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever predicted the high points of a given year ... giving way to following patterns or trends instead ... economic, political, science and technology, natural disasters, gun control, social issues, etc. Do we still believe that human consciousness creates realities? There will always be people who do .. and others who say reality is created by a predetermined design. Exactly! No more blogs on this in 2013 as you know how I feel. I have no idea what remains to be blogged, so we shall see.

Anna and I made an impromptu video with my cell phone while discussing 2013.