Welcome to my Department Store!

I have a wonderful selection of unique items today.

Please follow me ... l l l l l l V First Floor


When chosing the proper box to play in - be sure it is the correct height

and width l l l l l l V Second Floor


Be sure to test all of the stuffed toys before chosing one. l l l l l l l V Third Floor


All of my TV's have been pretested! They all play "Sesame Street" and "Teletubbies".

One day I'll be selling something called LED TVs. l l l l l l V Fourth Floor


We have a great line of exercise equipment. You can run up and down on this 'baby' all day and lose tons of weight.

If I am not available - I am sure one of my lovely assistants will be able to help you.

I don't know what I'd do without them!!

Hope you enjoyed shopping at my Department Store.

We will be enlarging our selection in the future

so please stop back to see our new additions!!

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