Motivational Meetings 2013

Friday July 12, 2013

This summer many people will try to heal their issues by attending motivational meetings to that end. They can be enlightening, but be careful. After decades of these forums, what have people learned? It's mostly about speakers making money.

We know that people hold onto their issues because ... they are programmed to, are bored without them, used to them, don't know how to live without them, and though we would like to feel we can be fixed emotionally and physically, that is not generally the case in these forums.

Have you ever been to an Inspirational / Motivational Meeting where someone pitches their products on how you can change your life for the better? This all goes to mass psychological conditioning and always has a preacher quality to me. You'll never catch me at one of those meetings, buying into the system of a wounded soul, whose personal life may leave a lot to be desired. This has been the case since the beginning of time - as has everything else. Everything we do today to heal and help - is just an updated version of past programs set in a new venue each year.

The participants ... sit in a room and seem mesmerized by what is being told to them. They believe ... oh Lord ... how they believe!

The forum ... a wounded soul, who has overcome great obstacles, now shares their story and makes you believe you too can overcome challenges that are driving you crazy and wearing you down. Your fears will be gone and you will be empowered after which you can go out and become a facilitator - or sales rep - for their product or service. And people are still programmed to buy into this philosophy ... amazing. We've got the mentally ill, substance abusers, overeaters, and those severely abused, who need help. The speaker will tap their fears, resources, and perhaps something more. They preach things like, "Empower yourself from the inside out," followed by a gesture that represents peace, they may bow, and in closing add, "Thank you."

If you've evaluated your personal patterns - and that of reality - you know motivational meetings and such will get you thinking and perhaps out of your slump but eventually they will no longer be affective - so then what? Don't play anymore. Handle your life as best you can with diet and exercise (yoga) that work for your age and body type, sleep, find one simple thing that you can do every day to be at peace like reading, walking, thinking about someone you love who also loves you ... then just sit back in a quiet place you create, and let the rest of the program roll out. Be prepared for any contingency - natural disaster, economic crash, other. Not much else you can do beyond your programming here but understand the nature of reality and your programmed experiences in it.

If you plan to attend a motivational meeting or retreat this summer, be objective. Your soul has guided you there to understand what makes you tick. ... Tick tock !