Baseball Champs - June 2011

Michael in the Finals of the 13 Year Old Home Run Derby. He hit 26 home runs in total! It was amazing.

Mike makes the paper ... 2 mentions.......

Summary of Little League Finals and HR Derby Article

The Basking Ridge Little League springs season came to a close Saturday evening at the facility on Valley Road.

The Collegiate Division, comprised of mostly 10-year-olds, pitted the Bulldogs, coached by Brian Busnach, against the Wildcats, coached by Jon Sheh. The Wildcats prevailed, 7-2.

The National Division, primarily 11-12-year-olds, saw action from the Giants, coached by Paul Carola, against the Marlins, coached by Rob Love. The Marlins won, 14-7.

The American League, 11-12-year-olds, had a battle between the Tigers, coached by Greg Egnatuk, and the Rays, guided by Mark Richter. The Tigers won the game, 3-0.

The Senior League, 13 year olds, saw action from the Somerset Patriots and the Trenton Thunder. The Patriots won the game 2-0 with key pitching by Michael Rosmarin.

This year Basking Ridge Little League had approximately 900 kids participating, said Peter Matarazzo, Senior League vice-president and a member of the Little League Board of Directors.

Little League included have T-ball, five-year-olds in the American League and six-year-olds in the National. Combined, there were about 14 T-ball teams with approximately 10 players per team, Matarazzo said.

The seven-year-old league is coach-pitched with 12 teams, including 11 or 12 players per team, he said. The eight-year-old teams (10 teams with approximately 11 or 12 players per team) is where play pitching is introduced, he said.

The Collegiate League included nine-and 10-year-olds, 14 teams with 10 or 11 players per team, he said.

The National League included 10 and 11-year-olds with 11 or 12 players per team.

The American League included 11 and 12-year-olds, ten teams with 10 or 11 players per team.

This year, for the first time, Basking Ridge Little League introduced a 13-year-old Senior League which plays 50/70 league baseball, he said. That league began with three teams with 11 or 12 players per team, he said.

He said this year's Senior League Home Run Derby participants included Brandon Falzon, Jared Weinerman, Bernie Jewson, Erik Zima, Adam Evans, Amol Kumthekar, Aaron Klein, Michael Rosmarin (runner-up with 26 home runs), and Matt Taylor (winner with 27 home runs).

Matarazzo said Basking Ridge is one of the few Little Leagues with a Challenger League, designed for kids with special needs. That league, including the Yankees and Mets, has about 15 players per team and is growing every year by allowing kids from other towns to participate, he said.

Somerset Patriots - 2011 Senior League Championship Game

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