Our Changing Universe

April 4-8, 2007

We know that planet Earth is rapidly heating up for an endless number of reasons, the end result of which cannot be altered. But now we find that our neighboring planet Mars is also heating up. Mars is the planet we most read and hear about in terms of exploration, matching sacred geometry, prophecy and science fiction, with possible alien connections to the human experiment on Earth. As our program evolves, there will be endless clues to ponder that tell us it's more than planet Earth that is shifting, but so is the universe and reality as we are experiencing it from this tiny dot on the universal grid. Watch for the metaphors as they come fast and furious. Loved the Hexagon Cloud System at Saturn's north pole. It all goes to changes and Pole Shifts.

9/11 Quatrains of Nostradamus - Interpretations

Mars Warming Due to Dust Storms, Study Finds National Geographic - April 4, 2007 -- "Earth's dusty neighbor Mars is grappling with its own form of climate change as fluctuating solar radiation is kicking up dust and winds that may be melting the planet's southern polar ice cap."

A Mysterious Hexagonal Cloud System on Saturn NASA - April 4, 2007 -- "If Saturn's South Pole wasn't strange enough with its rotating vortex, Saturn's North Pole might now be considered even stranger. The bizarre cloud pattern is shown above in a recent infrared image taken by the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft."

April 5-8, 2007


Tick Tock!

Holidays, the Middle East Grid, The Fast Briss, Dilmun, Apparitions

We are in the holiday energies that link with the Middle East Grid, Egypt where it all began ...

Happy Easter to those celebrating around the world.

Happy Passover to those who celebrate this holiday. Speaking of my people ... my cousin Ruth, another Crystal, in San Francisco, found this hilarious slide show with music, The Fast Briss. She sent it because a photo of my family is in it, at 46-49 seconds.

A briss is the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life. The occasion was my grandson Vanni's briss, September 2000 in Scottsdale, AZ. Ralph, my ex who is deceased and quite a playful spirit, is in the slide show. Something tells me he guided the person to include his photo, though Ralph was computer illiterate.

My daughter, Zsia, seated on the right, was pregnant with Dylan. Speaking of Dylan, who we sometimes call Dyl, I added something to my Egypt trip file, the magic of 12/12 and the Great Pyramid. It came to me as I updated the Reptilian file. We find synchronicities between birth, meeting Dylan in the Great Pyramid in the Middle East, what Dylan told me, and Dilmun, which links with the Sumerian Program of creation.

Let's talk about the unexplained in Egypt. Passover takes us to Moses parting the Red Sea which some believe was the Reed Lake near the Red Sea. This takes us to Thoth as the Scribe, the reed. Did Moses part the Red (Earth plane, Mars Warrior, emotions) Sea? If so, how? Lots of metaphors in that story. Great insert empowering the bloodline, though they were destined to endless dramas as are most in the human experience. Look to the flaming letters of the Hebrew alphabet for codes.

April 2 takes us to 1969 (the year Zsia was born) and Marion Apparitions in El-Zeitoun or Zeitoun, Egypt. Z words are guides for me. Other Marion Apparitions . Egypt links to Mother Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, ascension, tales of the bloodline at this time of the year, etc. They were obviously projected illusion from outside the box, created by the program. Where do you think they originated? Trace the source. Do you believe there is magic involved with these events? Did the Great WiZard create them using a magic rod, wand or staff? You decide.

1969 was a pivotal point in the program:

In the sands of time ... Egypt, April 2, 1969 ...

Orion's Horsehead Nebula NASA

It goes back to Orion (Osiris),
Sirius (Isis)
and the Pyramid design/designation.
Nebulae (New Creation)