How to Celebrate Your 2nd Birthday in Style

Hello! I'm Michael and I'm 2 years old today.

Let me tell you all about birthday parties.


First you invite a few friends . . .

(Be sure they're the kids who only give toys as gifts).

Start the music!

All of your guests will get up and party!

There should be lots of interesting things to do

so no one takes a nap during the party.

You should practice before blowing out your candles. . .

Nice ...

Now you're ready . . .

First you concentrate . . . then make a wish.

A wish is something you really, really want . . .

Then you wait until it comes true.

It's a secret so I can't tell you my wish now.

Then you count . . . One, two, three . . .

and blow as hard as you can!

After everybody goes home, Z comes to play with your new toys

and shows you how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Z and I have the same birthday - April 10?

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