Giovanni's Bris

Date Of Birth: August 27, 2000
Weight: 6 Pounds, 1 Ounce
Height: 19 Inches

Hello! I'm Vanni. Welcome to my Bris.

On the left is my Grandma Ellie who talks to a Spirit named Z. She used to talk to me before I was born! She's really cool and well regarded on the other side! She has already read my palm and is thrilled that I have Aquarius rising in my Astrology chart, as that makes me psychic. Next is my mommy, Tracy. She is kind and loving. I will try to be a good little boy for her. Next is my aunt Nikki. She's lots of fun. Next is my aunt Zsia who is having a baby boy in 3 months - another baby boy cousin. She is sitting next to her husband Jon. Behind them is my Grandpa, Ralph. He lives in Scottsdale so we will get to play a lot and I will let him 'spoil me rotten'!

Grandma put this funny little hat on my head ...
She called it a Yalmulka.

A man - called a Mohel (pronounced 'moyl') said prayers.

Next we celebrated Mom's birthday with a cake and presents.

Michael and his new friend blew out the candles over and over

as Michael kept saying, "One more time!"

Thank God he wasn't referring to the Briss!

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