Memorial Day 2014: Fleet Week, Graduation, Life, Humor

Fleet Week 2014

Friday May 23, 2014

Wednesday May 21, 2014

I watched the ships arrive for Fleet Week 2014. My building is not seen but is just to the left of the Verrazano Bridge on the photo above.

A ship of any kind is a metaphor for one's life path. Has your ship come in? Metaphors: Is your life a Battle Ship? Cruiser? Sail Boat? Other? I feel like a submarine in the flow of the collective unconscious - with the eye of my periscope peering out at the world - able to turn 360°. I also feel like a different type of ship - a consciousness spaceship - watching life in the hologram from above.

Fleet Week is part of Memorial Day Weekend as many people make plans - consciousness now shifting to summer mode/code which includes - travel, concerts, celebrations, and in general - their next phase of change.

In some areas school is over and graduation has happened. Thursday my grandson Giovanni, in Chandler, Arizona, graduated from middle school. He's off to high school in mid-July. In other states, like NY and NJ, proms, senior trips and activities, and graduation are all part of June's activities.

What are parents asking during their readings? If they have a child who is graduating now, they want to know what comes next, in the reality where people grow up later than in prior generations. This has to do with longevity and the fact that everything starts later in life - marriage(s), family, career(s) ... nothing is as we conceive to be in the years ahead ... contingent upon the hologram continuing.

One of the biggest problems for parents is teens graduating High School who are not emotionally or intellectually programmed to attend college or trade school. Some of these teens may be lucky enough to get jobs from friends or family - if they even keep them. Others are going to stay home and do nothing as parents go crazy. This is not new as we look at the patterns and now recognize "the great divide" by those who are emotionally stable, positive, and move forward and others who are permanently programmed for challenges.

Where do the bullies in school come from and what happens to them? They generally come from abusive backgrounds, display emotional problems in childhood, and though we may think they will outgrow their issues, they definitely carry them into adulthood.

Some High School grads may work at teen jobs to save money then move out or travel to find themselves. Many adults are in that same place - life is boring, depressive, meaningless, and frustrating. They want to retire from it all and find their greater purpose or just play - especially if they have been caretakers.

Caretaker alert !! You are burning out and need to find some balance, or someone to help you. Your health will suffer otherwise.

Reinventing oneself seems to be the overwhelming pattern that follows us through life.

Good luck to all in finding something to do that you are passionate about, brings self fulfillment, and hopefully income as money generally represents freedom.

Try this mantra or one like it: "If I'm programmed for greatness now ... bring it!" Then wait.

If you're pitching an idea or concept, try putting some humor into it. It goes along way in getting people's attention and connection. They will remember you better.

    They say that laughing improves your memory, lowers your blood-pressure and stress hormones. Some of us find humor in everything while others are programmed to have a chip on their shoulder and always have something challenging to say about everything. When I talk to my closest friends, we spend much of our conversations just laughing. Laughing makes you feel good without external chemical stimulants, though it does affect the brain as if a drug. Read more about laughter ...

Memorial Day

Monday Evening

It's been an amazing Memorial Day weekend for me.

Saturday was fun with friends here in Bay Ridge.

Sunday I drove to Manhattan to spend the day with friends who live in the Dakota, home to Yoko Ono. What an amazing building with two security gates just to get in. Security rivals the Kim Kardasian Kanye West wedding that took place in Florence, Italy on Saturday.

Along the way I drove past 1 World Trade Center where tourists and local residents had come to visit the 9/11 Memorials. Further north I passed the Intrepid and some of the sailors here for Fleet Week.

My friends and I walked around the upper west side ... had lunch at an outdoor restaurant ... then a buggy ride around Central Park to complete the experience.

Today was another picture perfect day here in the northeast. Brooklyn featured the annual memorial day parade then off to Red Hook, Brooklyn for more fun with friends outdoors looking out at the water as sailboats passed by with Lady Liberty just ahead watching over all of it.

Elsewhere thunderstorms produced huge hailstones in several states including Tampa, Florida where my friend John reported hailstones forcefully pounding against his windows causing damage to his home and property. Over in Sedona, AZ. - a spiritual tourist destination famous for its red rock formations - firefighters worked to contain wildfires that have been burning for days.

Wild weather phenomena have become part of Earth's holographic landscape as we experience one day at a time.