The mysteries of the ancient Maya Civilization are slowly unraveling. Most prominent is the Mayan Calendar prophecy naming the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 as the end of time as we know it and the evolution of consciousness into light. Other events and theories seem to align with that prophecy date, bringing credibility to current interpretations of the calendar.

Human consciousness is shifting. You experience it all around you in every aspect of your life. You explore that shift with your mind and your emotions in a quest for answers.

You have come here today as an Initiate in the Mayan Mystery School Teachings, as perhaps once you were. Along the way you will encounter Quetzalcoatl and the Maya Jaguar Gods.

The journey begins ....

Relax your body ... your mind.

See the Mayan Calendar before you as if a giant wheel.

Slowly it starts to spin in a counter clockwise motion.

The calendar moves backwards,
taking you with it through time.

Suddenly it stops.

You look below at the majesty that
was once the ancient Maya Civilization.

As you descend to this time and place
you are met by a Jaguar God
with whom you feel a connection.

Your eyes connect.

You know you are to follow him.

All around you hear the beating of tribal drums,
each one mesmerizing you deeper and deeper.

You walk through the jungle arriving at an
ancient pyramid that seemingly has no entrance.

The Jaguar God beckons you to follow him
as he disappears into the pyramid wall.

Losing all fear you follow.

You find yourself in an ancient temple
lit by fire that casts strange shadows on the walls.

A Priestess comes to prepare you for the Initiation.

Your body is cleansed.

Your clothing replaced by a feathered garment.

Make-up is applied to your face and body
depicting the jaguar and the serpent.

A large ring with a strange blue stone
is placed on your finger.

It pulses as it connects to your frequency
altering your DNA for what is to come.

It is time.

Your heart races to the beat of the drumming.

The Priestess takes you to another chamber
where Quetzalcoatl awaits your return.

You feel a connection as he telepathically speaks to you.

You are here to learn about the Maya,
their calendar,
and the truth about their prophecies.

You go with him through the
Great Temple Gates
where your answers, all answers, are kept.

Close your eyes.

Enjoy your journey.

To return ... find the calendar and
allow it to take you back to this timeline.