As the lion darted in and out of spaces big and small,

Michael had to stop and ask for help along the way.

"Hello! I am Michael. Who are you?"

"Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Alice."

"Alice, Have you seen a lion go by?"

"Why no! I'm chasing a rabbit but I did see a Cheshire cat.

Good luck finding your cat, Michael but I really have to rush off!"

"Hurry, time is not what it used to be!"

"Excuse me, but have either of you seen a lion?"

"Sorry but we are too busy to notice much of anything," said Lady.

"Don't much care for cats myself!" growled Tramp!

"I think there are cats sitting by the foot of the next tree", said Lady.

"We are the Aristocats.

Welcome to our family tree.

We are proud to be members of the cat family.

How can we help you, Michael?"

"I'm chasing a lion. Did you see one?"

The Aristocats told Michael that to find the lion, he must follow the trees!

"Hey, I know you! You're Winnie the Pooh!"

"And you're Michael?"

"How did you know my name is Michael?"

"A lion told me to look for a little boy named Michael and tell
him that you will find him waiting for you at the Tree!"

"Tree, what Tree? There are so many trees here?"

"Why you're tree of course, Michael."


"Who are you?" asked Michael.

"I am Pinnochio! I want to be a real little boy just like you, Michael!

The lion told me that you turned him into a real lion?

Can you help me, too?"

"Very well! I will help you after you tell me where the lion went?"

"He went to visit Mickey Mouse, then he will wait for you at the Tree!"

"Tree, what tree? What's with the Trees?"

"Mickey is doing magic tricks today and the lion likes magic."

"Why can't Mickey turn you into a real boy?"

"Mickey said reality will come to me from a little boy with a pure heart, filled with love.

The boy would show me how to open my heart and feel. Then I would be alive and real!

Reality comes from within not outside of yourself."

Michael opened Pinnochio's heart and he became a real boy!"

"Hello, Michael. I've been expecting you!"

"Hello Mickey! Do you know where I can find the lion?"

"Finding the lion is a special trick!

Now close your eyes imagine him standing in front of you!"












When he opened his eyes

there stood his lion

waiting for him at the foot of a tree.

"We meet again Michael - this time at the Tree of Life."

"Who ARE you?" asked Michael.

"I am the Lion King. I protect the Tree of Life.

You are a special boy Michael.

Your light set me free and now I shall reward you.

I have brought you to my Tree of Life.

Come walk with me within my Tree

and see the path of your lifetime."

Michael and the Lion King journeyed through the
Tree of Life
bringing love and light wherever they went.

Perhaps you have seen them . . .

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