Dear Michael,

Your Mom told me you have your own computer
so I thought I would send you an Email.

I really enjoyed our time together in The Magic Kingdom.

You have taught me about being in THE LIGHT,
so I am creating magical movies and projects
to help children understand about the magic.

You and your Mom are magic.
There is a Spirit watching over you.
He told me his name was 'Z'.
Your Mom has a 'Z' name also.

Remember . . . everything on your planet is an illusion

created by the electromagnetic energies of your grid

combined with your thoughts to create a Dance of

Sound (Harmonics, Tones)
Light (Source of Creation, Soul Sparks)
Color (Crystal Prisms)

I send regards from some of your favorite magical friends.

Aladdin and Company - The Magic Lamp!

Merlin The Magician     The Sword in the Stone

Buzz - Toy Story


Peter Pan, "I'm Flying!"

Dear Michael,

I have a computer too.

Love your website!


Please come back to see me

the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom!

Love the ears! Are we family?

With Love,

Your Friend,

Mickey Mouse

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