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The Missing Link

Consciousness exists in a state of evolution and change, nothing remaining the same. Finding the answers to the mysteries of life is a guiding force in the many faceted realms of science and the esoteric. Last week an announcement way made about the discovery of a 47 year old fossil named Ida, a possible missing link who lived 44 million years before Lucy. Sunday, May 24, 2009, the History Channel premiered The Link about Ida.

  Fossil Ida's 'father' defends the media hype   New Scientist - May 26, 2009

Could Ida be the true missing link? - May 26, 2009

We search for our origins in the realms of Paleontology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Cosmology, and perhaps ancient astronauts and alien creators. We are indeed a curious species, who could have achieved so much more if we weren't programmed for drama. I've never believed we would find a missing link, unless we go to alien hybridization.

The Cycles of Time - Atlantis Revisited

Creation Myth with Music


Caves takes us on adventures physically or consciously.

The Bridges of Time

In the Cave of the Mind

Metaphorically speaking ... a cave represents portals of the mind. A cave can symbolize a place where sacred information has been stored or hidden, to be found when the time was right - a place in the unconscious you will access when your soul is ready.

Scientifically speaking ... a cave is a natural underground void large enough for a human to enter. Some people suggest that the term cave should only apply to cavities that have some part that does not receive daylight; however, in popular usage, the term includes smaller spaces like sea caves, rock shelters, and grottos.

In the 14 years of research for Crystalinks, I have found caves one of the more fascinating subjects, creating a file called Sacred Caves.

Who can forget the Crystal Caves in Mexico with those enormous crystals, containing a chamber called the Cave of Swords.

Also famous are the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found having great religious and historical significance.

Caves as subterranean chambers, take us on all sorts of adventures, to underworld portals - such as the Mayan World - see news articles that connect different parts of the world and spell out hidden secrets if one were tempted to go exploring.

Subterranean Chambers take us on a journey to Hollow Earth Theories, Subterranean Civilizations and Agartha.

As I blogged about Paleontology this week, let's go back in time to the oldest petroglyphs ever found ... in the Cave at Lascaux, France

From the beginning...

Art has depicted our consciousness story of descension and ascension

Using the same iconography in the Wheel of Time.

Stone Ring (Loop) at the Great Ball Court, Chichen Itza, Maya Ruins
Did the Maya Priests equate it to 2012
when the sun aligns with the galactic center?

  Fun Journey to Chichen Itza Maya Ruins, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Colonnade at Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itza,
Maya Ruins, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Temples represent the Mind or Consciousness

Consciousness evolves through the Dome (Cave).

Consciousness Frozen in the Cave of the Mind (Time)

Two Cavemen are Standing in an Elevator ...

One turns to the other ... or maybe not.

This is not a joke or another technique on the use of elevators as a means of accessing one's past lives, or a continuation of yesterday's paleontology blog. This article is about cave mentality and response behavior in an elevator - the way people act and emotions experienced within. Life is the evolution from the cave mind to present day consciousness and how that is influenced by primal negative emotions.

Going up ?

Why the Elevator Floor Is So Interesting   Wired - May 27, 2009