The Pen, The Story, Always Out of the Blue

The Final Chapter is Written by the Child.

Hello! My name is Matthew. I'm 4 years old (07/29/03)

and I live on planet Earth.

Today I made a story for my Grandma, Ellie.

Grandma lives near a magic bridge that crosses space and time

... where sometimes strange unexplained things happen.

There are many stars that watch over her

... sometimes even aliens, the friendly kind.

Rocket ships fly into the sky,

but can't see the aliens.

Some aliens look like dogs and come from a constellation

far away near the Big Dipper. I saw them at the planetarium.

There is a big sun with a squiggle in the middle.

It's a machine that sends messages to Earth.

Grandma can fly to the top of everything

and watch the fish swim in the water.

When Grandma goes far away, she wears something

on her head that creates magic and shapes.

This is the Eye

where Grandma really lives.

Hi Grandma!

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