Michael's Magic Moments

For my first magic trick . . .

I am going to make daddy's hat disappear!

I wave my magic wand and say the magic words,

"Abrakadabra - Presto - Changeo!!"

As you can see - daddy's hat is gone!

Now if I could just figure out the trick
to grow him a new head of hair!!

For my second trick . . .

Here's a little 'slight of hand' folks!

While you're looking at me and mommy-

my left hand is moving into another dimension!

For my final trick . . .

Move over 'Magic' Johnson . . .

Magic Michael is on the court.

First I size up the situation . . .

As I grab the ball - I look for the other team's defense . . .

I line up my shot as I quickly come up with the ball . . .

With the assist of my teammate - I score !

Jump shot! Two points! Yeah!

When it comes to signing my contract -

I must remember three 'M' words

Michael, Magic, Money

I do have a few other 'M' words I like -

Mommy, Music, Muppets, and Munchkin - my nickname!

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