Legend has it that long ago, in the Pacific region,
when the Earth was newly forming
there lived a civilization called the Lemurians.

It is said that they were beings of blue-white light
who came to Earth to experience physical reality
taking on human form in so doing - male and female.

They communicated to all corners of the planet
telepathically or with sound vibration.

Their names sounded like the ripples in the water
from whence they came through a black hole.

Their means of travel was teleportation to
and from their homes on and off the planet.

They were the Ancients before the Ancients of Modern Mythology.

From chaos they created land and sea,
plants and animals, a paradise on early Earth.

After an unspecified amount of time as we measure it,
most of the Lemurians returned home.

Others took the form of dolphins remaining on the planet
as guardians until the next evolution when consciousness
would once again split - signaling the Lemurians return.

Prepare as you would for meditation.

Relax your body ... your mind.

Before you is the Pacific Ocean.

Slowly enter the water.

As you swim forward,
you see a dolphin in the distance.

It appears to be waiting for you
as if telepathically calling out.

As you meet, you are guided to hold fast to him as if
knowing he has come to take you on a sacred journey.

Suddenly you get the sensation of being in a whirlpool.

It spirals you both upward.

You find yourself in a place you could only describe as paradise.

You hear a noise and turn to find an Ancient Lemurian looking at you.

In your wildest imagination
you have never envisioned a being so beautiful.

The dolphin changes into a similar life form.

You are taken to a place to learn about your origins.

Enjoy the journey.