The Death of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il

Another Game Changer for 2012

2011 -> 2012

This year we watched the death and destruction of tyrannical dictators around the world - with more to come as our reality seeks balance and destroys those in its way. This is the manner in which end times play out and souls move back to light. It is the fight for freedom on all levels of consciousness - the triumph of good over evil - which signals for many the return of whomever they see as their gods and saviors. The belief and worship of false gods is grossly overrated, as truths hidden by the church get revealed after the current Pope dies and the final Pope comes to power. What truth? Need you ask ... Reality is a hologram. The death of Pope Benedict XVI - who is quite ill - is the final nail in the coffin. Think about how many times the truth could have been revealed - yet was covered up again and again. Church and State have done some God-awful things in the program. If you can see beyond the illusion, be happy it is ending, and consider that your gift to yourself for 2012. If you still think this program can be fixed - think again. If you still believe we are going to a love and light reality - think about how silly that sounds and impossible in the physical. The program ends. It does not reboot. Next ...

North Korea - Then and Now

As far back as I can remember, North Korea was a threat to the world. When I was in elementary school, the Korean War was under way, 5 years after WWII had ended and was fresh in the minds of the world. Children wore dog tags and schools had shelter drills where we hid under our desks after a siren sounded - the fear of America being attacked still very real - martial law a strong possibility just as it is today - making us no different than any country ruled by a dictatorship one ruled by fear. Fear goes to anger and mistakes are made while under the influence of these powerful negative emotions that have driven our reality program from the beginning. (Not to fret. It was supposed to happen that way.)

In 1953 the Korean War ended and life resumed. People believed there would never be another war in which the US would be involved, but as we know those are empty words and the battles continue to the end. In 2012 we understand that the political machine is not run by the president, something Obama had to learn. They say there is a shadow government - some believe alien controlled - but to me it is just the hologram itself programmed for conflict in the bipolar nature of physical reality.

Saturday December 17, 2011

As the global balance of power shifts once again - Kim Jong-il - the brutal dictator of North Korea died. He often appeared as crazy as Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed two months ago. How will Kim Jong-il's death affect nuclear disarmament talks? Will his young inexperienced son, Kim Jong Un, rule as his father did? Will there be a military take-over? Once again we find a country where millions of people die of starvation, live in fear, are imprisoned without cause, and worse. How will a change in leadership affect the rest of the world? The Asian markets plummeting Monday - the threat of global war a possibility. The world will play a waiting game now especially those who live in the region -- with risk of greater instability in 2012, the keynote year. China will be a huge force in what happens next.

February 16, 1941 - December 17, 2011

Kim Jong-il

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Kim Jong-il was the dictator Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Man is a product of evolution, but not his independence.
Independence is a social product.

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