Being Jesus - Christ Consciousness

On the weekend many people go to their place of worship for whatever they are programmed to experience - social, spiritual, special occasion, networking, whatever. We all come from one source of consciousness, having endless experiences in the grid programs it creates. That is the Oneness (Wonder) of it all.

When clients believe they are Jesus - or make any God connection - they are going into that part of the grid that clears, heals, and helps them as the program ends. They will follow that guidance - just as you will follow yours, until it is over - and it will lead the souls back to source aka the collective unconsciousness of creation.

May 3, 2009 ...

Some of my recent clients, living in different parts of the world, think they ... were Jesus, are the incarnation of Jesus, the child of Jesus, or someone personally linked to him? We know this pattern has been around at least as far back as the myths about Jesus or Moses or other ancient god legends in time - to believe, not to disappoint, to worship, to be subservient, to quest for truth. Religion has always controlled the thinking of souls.

These clients all are programmed to believe that they are here to save the planet - which is nothing more than a dream, illusion, holographic consciousness experience that is about to end as souls finally come to understand god and creation. Most believe they are messengers of God - urgently feeling they must get their messages out. Does this link to what some call a movement into Christ Consciousness or higher frequency of thought and light?

Most of these people suffer from a clinically diagnosed personality disorder, have been in therapy most of their lives. They tell me that medication does not change what is going on within their minds, and have lived in emotion pain for years.

It must be terrible to not be in control of your thoughts and emotions. They seek peace and salvation as the current grid frequencies are pushing them over the edge. They drink, drug, take hallucinogens, and combine current metaphysical theories and prophecies with their own emotional needs to come up with a feeling of importance that gives their tormented lives meaning. They tell me they come to me because I will recognize who they are. Sadly, I do.

About Timothy Leary pictured above - I interviewed him on my TV show "The Metaphysical Experience" back in 1992. His eyes said he was not connected here. Yo! As author Daniel Pinchbeck imparted to me when he was here last month - hallucinogens are not drugs, they are spirit medicines. Right! And the difference is ....

If you are one of these souls, who has dropped out of the every-day world, sitting at home meditating, writing and writing and writing disjointed information ... and endless unfinished books ... if you don't get the help you need, you will self-destruct.

I had one client who believes that only his death can save the souls, as he is the Antichrist. There is no Antichrist - just duality that forever seeks balance. The client suffers from schizophrenia that started after an LSD trip. It always saddens me that souls, who could/should be experiencing the beauty of life, came in programmed with these patterns, which, as you know, go to their genetic codes and social conditioning.

About being Jesus - we all originate from the same source of consciousness, which some call god or Jesus in our program - but is nothing more than light and energy. Amen.

FYI: Jesus is not returning neither is any other god. We are leaving.