Goodbye Iraq: Last US Combat Brigade Heads Home

August 20, 2010 -- A line of heavily armored American military vehicles, their headlights twinkling in the pre-dawn desert, lumbered past the barbed wire and metal gates marking the border between Iraq and Kuwait early in the morning - rolling into history.

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On the morning of September 11, 2001, I watched from my terrace as the first, then the second airplane hit the Twin Towers at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. Reality would never be the same.

As I stood there, my soul shuttered as I remembered, and recognized, that the final insert for the closure of the program had been set in place - the event rippling through the grids unmatched since the start of the Nazi WWII Program in 1939.

March 19, 2003 ... Washington, DC. ... 7:00 PM Eastern Time

The night before the allies invaded Iraq for the second time ... I sat with my friend Sherif in a seafood restaurant on the water in Washington, DC. He had gone there for political reasons and coincidentally, or not, my services had been requested as a remote viewer earlier that day. Tensions in the city, and the world ran high, security everywhere, as we set out to have a romantic evening under a full moon and discuss what we saw for the years ahead for us and the world.

Earlier in the day, I had told those I spoke with that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would quickly be out of power, go into hiding and one day be found and tried for his crimes. The image of Marine Corporal Ed Chin from Brooklyn toppling Hussein's statue on April 3, 2003, is embedded in our memories as a symbol of that moment in history.

This would be a war that would define the next generation of soldiers ... some who would walk down the street from Fort Hamilton, come here, and discuss their futures with me.

Back in DC, neither Sherif nor I foresaw a war involving US troops that would last over 7 years. I reminded him that when GW Bush came into office, I blogged that he would take us to war within the year and keep us there during his administration. Readers had emailed about the particulars, but that was Afghanistan and another blog.

August 19, 2010

The news this morning echoed reports and cheers from soldiers in Iraq as the last US cobalt convey left. I watched tanks rolling through the land, helicopters flying above to film the event. Once arriving safely at their destination, several soldiers lit huge cigars and celebrated. The news showed the dirt road of 2003 that opened this chapter, now replaced with a paved one.

On August 19, 2010, the last US "combat" brigade withdrew from Iraq.   Wikipedia