A Different Kind of Initiation

People do all sorts of things in the name of self-help and cleansing. They are often called Initiations and generally involved deprivation of some kind to induce higher consciousness. Some people use drugs, while others are guided to sacred sites among other things the imagination can conceive.

In 2009, a client named Chris told me about a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro he made with his girlfriend at the end of their relationship.

Their trip was like an initiation, allowing them to share the energies of helping each other reach the top while dealing with their issues along the way. Normally Chris felt he was the one who supported her emotionally and physically ... but in the face of the great challenges that confronted them, such as thinning air, it was she who stepped up to urge him on to complete the climb when he thought he could go no further.

Spiritually, the arduous climb served more than one purpose as each had an epiphany about their destiny and what they needed to do when they got home. He lives in NYC and she's from Chicago.

Mountains can work like an ascension process, which is why many famous people in history - as well as the average person - are guided to that end for answers. It's generally the spiraling journey of it all - consciousness - that awakens something within.

I have climbed mountains alone on several occasions, in various places that resonated for me, and found it an enlightening experience. You feel One with the universe when you reach the top, embracing the moment and messages .... then wonder how you are going to climb down. For me, Z was always there to enhance the experience - from a spiraling candle that burned as if a twin flame, to surreal spiraling winds, to meeting an eagle, or simply something projected from my consciousness. My mountain climbing days ended when I turned 60. I feel no need to climb a mountain for clarity. All I have to do is be here by the bridge in the energies of the elements that embrace my life. And then of course ... the Internet brings it all together.

In the sands of time, everything is in a constant state of change and eventually reverts back to its natural essence.

Zen Sand Garden

As to Mount Kilimanjaro, among other places frozen until the end of time ....
everything melts down returning to the flow of the collective unconsciousness. - Carl Jung

Kilimanjaro's Snows Gone by 2022?  
National Geographic - November 2, 2009
Glaciers are disappearing from Mt. Kilimanjaro, which caps Africa's highest peak.