Barack Obama 2009 Presidential Inauguration

A New Era ... A New Vision ... A Final Chapter Begins

There was a major shift in consciousness this week. It's an inner knowing that everything as we know it is changing. No one wants the reruns of our reality anymore. We are going digital and need higher frequency programming and broadcasting. You can't live in analogue. These are not just the usual generational changes we all have come to expect through the decades, but something that goes beyond technology and involves/evolves the human spirit.

Most people talk about 2012 (a key code to help them connect with end times) and sense something about to happen that changes the face of reality forever. Their emotional code will dictate how they react to this shifting paradigm. Most, especially the young people, understand that the economy and the way we live our lives is forever being challenged/changed, never to return to the old ways, that were basically created by dysfunctional people and never worked - entrapping souls in meaningless labor. It certainly has been an interesting week filled with hopes, dreams, and the human desire for it all to end well.

Tuesday January 20, 2009

On this day history was made when Barak Obama became the 44 President of the US and the First African American to hold that office.

I woke up Sunday morning experiencing the energies of a huge shift in consciousness as Barak Obama becomes president. There was something bitter sweet about it, and a knowing that history is about to be made in more ways than one. A change in the collective unconsciousness ripples through the grids in a seemingly passive way for the moment. There is a feeling of freedom on the horizon, meaning different things to each of us. So much can, and will, happen in the time that remains. So many hearts will be touched ... as hope rules and enlightenment ensues. Somewhere in this timeline, long awaited truths will be told and nothing will remain the same. Board the soul train ... it is about to pull into the station where once it all began ... and it all feels so right.

In the days that followed, the world watched as President Obama began his New Era of Openness. Depending on what is important to you - from the economy to the war on terrorism to disclosure of aliens visiting the planet for decades, to whatever ... we hope that all will be brought out into the open, into the light, at last.

The duality of this experiment has always been based on knowledge kept secret and those who would go to any means to protect those secrets. This is the premise upon which all story lines were created. It made good copy through the millennia, but not in the final chapter. With secrets revealed, comes the inner knowing that souls will be set free - whatever that means to any group of people experiencing in their circumstances. Your soul has come here for this final turning/tuning point ... this final moment of truth ... the final chapter in the Akashic Record of our journey on Earth.

The next day ... my Blog Talk Radio Show "Ellie World" was live from Luxor - "Awakening the Divine" with special guest Dee Kennedy. Dee's Photos

Inauguration/Initiation - one and the same for the souls to be set free. Obama is working hard and got off to a good start, getting rid of unwanted and outmoded policies set in place by the Bush administration. Things will be handled differently. With all things in our reality, the challenges will be endless, but hope will prevail as every soul on this planet becomes transformed in the time that remains. Here in the US ----> cycling back to the starting point in Egypt - the world watches and waits as never before. The Internet continues to provide access to windows of reality with lightning speed. All with accelerate with lightning speed and greater understanding.