Patterns of Violence and Hard Choices

Built into the human equation are patterns of violence and the hard choices they create.

June 10, 2014

In recent years, there have been isolated incidents of mass violence by individuals, which I reported, blaming them on our bipolar reality in its closing stages. My comments were always the same: "As with everything in the hologram, as it closes, the patterns of destruction will accelerate." It has come to pass ... to the point the insanity is becoming an almost daily occurrence with human consciousness adapting. Could this be the prelude to something global? The pattern is for mentally ill people to act out - in any country not just the US.

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I wouldn't want to be president ... but Hillary does.

Presidential election 2016 takes us to Hillary and the Clinton political machine. Hill wants to return to Capitol Hill in 2016 and is focusing her energy on female voters. Everyone knows she's going to run for president in 2016 - the thought of a long dragged out presidential campaign still lingering from 2012. When Hillary retired as Secretary of State, I said she was going to write a book in preparation for her run for office. "Hard Choices" went on sale here in NYC on Tuesday with Hilary doing a book signing. The autobiography allows her to clear the air on her feelings about her personal relationships and experiences so as not to waste time during her campaign addressing these issues. Personally, though experienced, I'd rather see someone younger in office.

Another woman in the news, trying to make a difference, and having faced hard choices is ...

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"Hard Choices"

We all make them at some time or another.

We are suppose to grow from them.

They are not always the best choices.

What are not always black and white.

What have your hard choices been?