Grid Inserts and Programs

March 21, 2010

Programmed consciousness inserts can be placed in the grid at any time and lead those who align with them to believe they were created in another timeline. Nothing is as it appears to be .... all is myth, math, and metaphor for consciousness experience.


Something happened after the Nazi Program Insert ended in 1945 ... a new insert that would bring us to higher consciousness, create technologies to help us get there, and once again make us wonder about god and human creation as consciousness evolves back to light.

I find it interesting that the Cave 1 linked to the Dead Sea Scrolls was discovered in the Spring of 1947 ... just as the UFO Program Insert began to seed consciousness in the final chapter of the Human Experiment. There would have to be aliens (creators from the sky) who would help us understand we exist in a biogenetic experiment, by experimenting on us, much like Hitler in the Nazi Program, trying to create a race of super humans like the mythical Atlanteans.

The new insert began at the end of the Nazi Program with governments and Greys allegedly working together. (So many scenarios here ...) This opened the door for reverse engineering (technology) and human biogenetic experiments. When it was time for human consciousness to be seeded ... on June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold had a UFO experience, followed, two weeks later, by the notorious UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico July 2, 1947 ... and on and on with sightings increasing exponentially until the end.

It's all in the program. Don't worry ... you'll get to see your ship before this is over.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Today was the anniversary of the birth of Yigael Yadin an Israeli archaeologist noted for his work with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Like a quester following clues, this led me to update my file Dead Sea Scrolls as I found it interesting in today's world where much of the focus is on the Middle East.

Will the truth about Jesus and religion ever be known? Does it matter? Are the Dead Sea Scrolls part of the bloodline sagas that keep people busy, often creating their link to god? The more you read and watch documentaries, the more you understand they are all just stories in which you may have played a role.

Did you ever feel you were destined to find a hidden scroll, book, tablet, or other ancient artifact that will bring light to the destiny of humanity? That's really all we want to find - the truth. Many metaphysicians feel guided to that end which keeps them questing all over the world, especially in the Middle East where it all began, or other areas found through synchronicities they create. It all goes to one's programming and grid alignments.

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