Creative visualizations are a way to solve
problems and get a message for each day.

Let's begin . . .

Sit upright in your chair in the pharaoh position
with your feet flat on the floor and your hands
on your lap - palms down.

Breath evenly and deeply - in and out - three times.

Now return to your normal pattern of breathing.

Close your eyes.

Picture yourself in a circle.

There are five paths leading out.

Pick one and start to walk down the path.

Look around . . .

What do you experience? What do you see? Hear? Smell? Be aware of your physical senses?

If you come across another person - ask them if they have a message for you.

Do you see a roadsign - or anything else that is written? Move closer and see what message is written for you.

If you see a place to enter - go inside. What's in there for you?

Whatever you see is what you are supposed to see today. Trust your vision.

You may get one message - or you may get several.

If you don't understand what you see today - write it down because it will make sense over the next few days.

You may start your day this way - every day. It is easy and fun.

Never give up! You can do it!

If you receive no message today - keep trying as everyone guided to read this column can connect!

Once you come to the end of where you are supposed to be - breath in and out three times.

Return to your normal pattern of breathing.

Open your eyes and smile.

Keep a record of your messages if you have time. Please date each one!

Creative Visualizations and Dreamtime


The worlds of the creative realms and dreamtime are linked.

In both places you connect with your soul.

Later . . . when you go to sleep . . .
think about the messages you received in your visualization that day . . .
then ask for more guidance in dreamtime.
You'll sleep like a baby and the next day synchronicities will occur.

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