Life's Journeys - December 2001

Life is a journey from the moment you are born.

These are my new trains.
I'm learning many skills with them.

Life is often symbolized as a vehicle . . . perhaps a train.

The train comes in through a tunnel of light and will one day return through the same tunnel as it goes full circle around the tracks.

Your train can be make many local stops or just go express moving quickly to the End!

Many people can be part of your train journey or just few.

Your train can make one stop or many stops and have endless detours.

It can crash along the way so you must chose a safe route.

There are many bridges to cross and obstacles along the way.

All in All ... the trip on planet Earth is a great ride.

You are the conductor of your train as I am of mine.

Hop on board!

Where do you want to go?

I have just entered the Big Apple ... No! Not New York where Grandma lives. No ... I haven't bought a new Mac! You're thinking about Grandma again. Apples represent knowledge. Planet Earth is like a school. We leave the safety of Home then go to school (Earth) for a little while to learn. I like to learn, do you?

Reality is created by sacred geometry using colors, light and sound.

Orange represents balance. It's important to keep your balance.

The circle represents coming full circle especially now.

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