"Hi! I'm Giovanni but you can call me Vanni. I seem to have found a rip in space-time. Please follow me . . . ."

"That looks like Santa Claus . . ."

"Hello Giovanni! Climb aboard my sleigh and I will take you to my magic kingdom in the North Pole where I am preparing gifts for everyone!"

Straight up and on till tomorrow . . .

When traveling away from Home you must always

watch for signposts or else you'll lose your way . . .

At last Santa and Vanni arrived at the

North Pole home of Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

"This is my wife Mrs. Claus and our helpers, the magical elves. We have lots of toys to make and you can take some home."

"Just let me get the computer print out of

requests from the good people on Earth! Looks like a lot of people changed jobs this year like Daddy, Aunt Nikki and Aunt Zsia! Many other people are asking for new jobs in 2002!"

December 24th . . . . Christmas Eve

"I've checked my list Vanni, and everything is ready.

Thank you for all of your help!"

"Now it's time for you to go back to Arizona!

Please don't cry! I will miss you too!"

"I'll tell you what . . . .

Before you go let's have a little party!

We'll invite your cousins Michael and Dylan."

"Let's create new songs for all of the children on the planet!"

Santa gave Vanni, Michael and Dylan, each a Magic Wand

just like the one he gave Harry Potter!

Santa told them they could each have three wishes!

If you are reading this . . . Santa is giving you three wishes also!

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