"Fringe" The Observers

Thursday November 19, 2009

August may be the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, (measuring time) but on tonight's episode of Fringe, August was the name of one of the Observers.

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The Observers are bald guys (reminiscent of gray aliens and also seemingly devoid of emotions) who most likely come from a parallel universe, the central theme on the show, and that which keeps me interested. The rest of the episodes are more like X-Files, which had one major storyline - alien grays and their agendas culminating on December 21, 2012 - while other episodes were about paranormal events borrowed from ancient myths among other more current anomalous recordings.

"Fringe" hasn't quite mastered the art of making the monsters of the week evoke the characters' plights or echo a poignant moral quandary that exists in the world. Of course, even at its best, "The X-Files" found it hard to execute that sort of thing week to week. Most weeks, "Fringe" is a relatively entertaining genre pastiche with good production values. I just wish we were getting more answers about the alternate dimension, Peter's past, Massive Dynamic and William Bell. When questions like those are dangling, it's hard to get excited about the murderous freak in the underground tunnels.

Thursday's "Fringe," which contained a lot of Observer mythology, was a treat. We don't quite know what the Observer is or isn't. He's an intriguing oddity. All we really know for sure is that he likes hot sauce and lots of it. The Observer is far and wide the coolest, strangest, and most mysterious figure in ever growing Fringe lore. The bald retro suited semi-psychic always seems to show up when something weird is going down.

Currently, in major cities, as a promotion for the show, bald headed actors are dressed up to look like Observers.

"August" Plot

If You are an Observer, you noticed the Observer in most episodes of Seasons 1 & 2.

Dream Logic
Hulu at (26:26)

Momentum Deferred

The Observer was spotted just outside Massive Dynamic,
as Olivia leaves to meet (then fight) bad Charlie.

Night of Desirable Objects
The Observer was spotted at the Hughes' house, standing in the field,
around the time Agent Jessup shows up and finds the bible.

The Observer in the Fringe episode Earthling at the airport while Broyles is talking to
Olivia on the phone, just before she sees the Shadow Man on the surveillance video.

This Observer is a teenage boy who Olivia befriended in Season 1.

To date "Fringe" had only one male adult Observer and one male child Observer.

Thursday night, "Fringe" introduced 3 more Observers, including August, which begs the question: Are there 12 Observers? Apparently they are time travelers who are here to observe, not interfere, but sometimes emotions cloud judgment, as in the case of August. Thursday we learned that the observers have been recorded at moments in history that are - historical, scientific, and technological.

On Thursday's show, time as non-linear, was demonstrated by a scientist at Massive Dynamics. That didn't work for me. The holographic demonstration that was shown to me on the ship in 1954, was much better. Holograms work best, especially a hologram within a hologram.

This Observer saved Walter and Peter's life 15 years ago.

He has become emotionally attached to Walter and offers much for future storylines.