Fringe "Jacksonville"

Season 2 Episode 14 - "Jacksonville" really worked for me as I connected with so much of it.

February 4, 2010

We learned more about Walter Bishop and William Bell's past, and Olivia's childhood and abilities. To move forward, one must return to their past and see events from a heightened perspective, just as I did with recent journey to Coney Island with George making a Fringe connection along the way.

The episode begins with an alleged earthquake in Manhattan after days of small tremors, but localizes to one building. Upon investigation, Walter initially concludes it was a quantum tectonic event. Passed on past events, Olivia theorizes a doorway had been opened between two universes - the earthquake a consequence of that act.

Feeling special, knowing you have an important mission, is built into the programming of some people. It begins in childhood and shows itself somewhere along the line, changing everything in that person's path - a new direction taken based on a unique destiny to be fulfilled. As our program closes, an urgency about completing that part of the person's journey here, heightens. What is life without heightened awareness, as we search for answers that often lead to more questions until the program closes.

How do we heighten awareness? For some it happens naturally in time. For others, the most common way involves drugs. Walter used the nootropic drug Cortexiphan on Olivia when she was a child, a drug that worked on perception heightened by emotion. Walter repeated the procedure when he, Peter, and Olivia returned to Jacksonville, but to no avail. It was concluded that fear was the key, but Olivia was not a fearful person.

Peter and Olivia - Fear of Failure

Peter and Olivia - Love and Romance with someone on the same frequency

To regain her ability to see things in this universe, that came from the alternate universe, Olivia went from sharing the strong emotion of fear, when she thought she had failed her mission, to feelings of love with Peter. It was at that moment, when both emotions heightened and collided, that she was able to raise her frequency and see beyond the physical - to see glimmers (looking like auras) - and to save the lives of people caught up in another earthquake in lower Manhattan.

Later, as Peter and Olivia prepare to explore their romantic feelings, she discovers what we all knew - Peter is from the alternate universe, a 'glimmer' around him. The truth about his past will be revealed this spring. It may seem like a negative at first, and explain why Peter could never find himself here, but at the end of the day it will work in his favor.

Fear can paralysis but it can also heighten and awaken a person to higher frequency awareness, like an adrenaline rush. That would explain why a program that is closing is taking us to Fear Factor on all fronts - economic, Earth changes, social, political, emotional, etc.

Screen Shots and Metaphors

All roads lead to NYC for closure in any reality.

The first graphic was misspelled for a reason.

It was in the alternate universe.

The Giraffe - DNA

Butterflies (Metamorphasis), Seahorse (Creation), Chain link (DNA)

Swings - Moving from one reality to another

Duality - Olivia and Peter

1983 ... The year Olivia's drug trials ended, Sarah was born in my story,

and my life changed forever when I divorced and began my journey.

Tall Trees - Forest - Tree of Life - Vortex Above

I remember seeing this archetype in my mind when 7 year old Sarah met Alexander at Twin Crossings.
It was also used in Taken when John, the alien, explains the biogenetic experiment to Allie and her family.

At the end of "Taken", Allie told a group of abductees that it was not by accident she was created, "It was just Time". Thursday night Broyles asked Olivia, "This ability you demonstrated, what activated it?" She replied, "I think it was just Time." When it comes to consciousness ending in this program, Ellie says, "It is just Time." Time is the illusion that propels story lines forward, as quantum experiences now collide.

Tick tock!