Friendships and Babies

Sometimes a woman has a baby and is unable to take care of the child. She considers adoption or giving the baby to a family member, but no one seems suitable.

She may decide to give the child to a close/best friend, then become the child's godmother, and be there as the child grows up.

The adopted mother may not have children, not be able to have children, and feels a strong or unspoken love and attachment for this child, as soon as she holds it. In cases like this, the 3 souls usually remain close, and the child is told the truth after they become adult, or upon the death of the biological mother or adopted mother. The karma of the child is with both women. In some cases the child knows the identity of the biological mother but is raised by her best friend who is a better caretaker and has the karma to raise the child. Some women are simply not maternal.

In another scenario I have had female clients who have given their child to male best friend to raise. The parents of the child, who were once lovers, and after the child was born have become friends, may share the responsibilities of raising the child, or the father could raise the child alone, the mother remaining a friend of the father, or just moving on, the child not learning the truth until they are older.

There are many ways the karma in the life of friends and children can evolve.

There are times that male friends will donate sperm to help a female friend, who is childless, become a parent. This is often true with gay men and straight women friends. Sometimes they share the responsibilities of child care, or, the women keeps the child, or in some cases, she has the child for her male friend and he raises the child, alone or with his male lover.

When it comes to karma, friends, and babies, it is all relative, and anything can happen.