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Reality Messages in Film

May 12, 2004

In the 21st century we explore the nature of reality through technology and emotion. The soul wants to find the truth behind the illusion, even in film.

Reality TV is the 'pulse' as we can vicariously experience with the average person not a trained actor, events and dialogue not scripted.

We expand on reality themes in 2004, as our souls guide us to the truth about reality.

We discover that:

- An average-looking person can find love

- In an age of technology, no one has to be unattractive. We watch reality shows that transform people into someone of beauty with higher self-esteem, erasing years of self-doubt and destructive patterns of behavior. Plastic surgery has made it possible to recreate the ugliest duckling in a beautiful swan. There is physical fitness, exercise and diet for those who need to loose weight and get healthy.

- As we clean up the body, we must work on the emotions. Reality TV deals with the emotions, fear the strongest factor. Like the talk shows of the 1990's, people often get down to the most basic emotions and express them publicly. Some go public to release years of pain and suffering. Some want the limelight. Others want the money and notoriety.

- The number of beautiful and very talented people is growing each year as people work on themselves and study acting, music, dance, art, anything in the arts that they would like to showcase.

Most of the young adult readers of Crystalinks can find a window to reinvent themselves and find a way to express their message in some form of media.

Writing has always been the best way to bring a message to the world. Everyone has a book to write and a story to tell, usually the story of their journey here, as we all feel we have a mission to help humanity. But not everyone has the ability, time, or energy to write a book.

Just as people now self-publish and look for outlets for their books, in the Age of Technology, we move to independent production, from short subjects made with camcorders, to hiring a professional crew to shoot the film. In film we now find independent productions companies created by those who secure funding for a project everyone believes in.

With self-publishing, anyone can publish their story, then hopefully find a distributor, The same is true of film. With the Internet and Paypal, many other windows of opportunity are open for the distribution of creative products to the public. Once produced and edited, there are ways to get your message to an audience, often on local cable TV or radio.

I have friends who have taken their life savings, or entire inheritance, or used up their credit cards, to produce a documentary they believe in. I have clients who have produced independent films, after which they take them to film festivals in hopes of finding a distributor. It is all part of a very exciting journey.

This is a whole new genre of creativity that is one step beyond....

If you have the finances, teamwork, creating your project into film can be fun. You need a good script, backing, time for production, pre and post, and patience! Most importantly the timing has to be right! Reality is about time and timing. Your project should reflect that.

During the summer months students go on many adventures. Many create media projects as part of a school assignment. Young people are drawn to reality themes.

Reality remains 'key'.

Those who study broadcasting and film production often plan film projects, sometimes with paranormal themes. They go on a quest to create a documentary, short subject film, that could win them a prize or propel them into a career in broadcasting and media.

Some students interview interesting people in the spiritual fields then create a DVD or CD thus enlightening themselves and others. With the latest computer technologies, many people can learn to produce a film, edit and create graphics, placing the finished version on DVD for sale, distribution, or to enter in competition.

The Universe, physical reality, is merely a University, a course of study for us. Equipment in hand, students travel to different parts of the globe 'in search of .....' Good luck with your summer project.

Lights... Action... Take 1 ...

Ellie's Metaphysical Experiences

I've always had a desire to be in the movies. Perhaps it is due to a Leo Moon and Mercury in Gemini.

I cannot remember when I didn't study some form of creative expression, if not for enjoyment. My journey on planet earth has always been a Metaphysical Experience with Z guided to a final hour, yet to be shown.

As a child I studied dance, ballet, art, and piano. Trips to theaters and museums were a frequency occurrence. As a teenagers I modeled in New York and danced on TV. My daughters also followed with creative pursuits, in music, art, dance and athletics. Even my ex-husband used to be on a stage in the Catskill Mountains! They all believe in things metaphysical and are connected to Z.

In 1990 I took classes in TV production. The following year I produced and hosted a TV talk show, 'The Metaphysical Experience' which aired on cable TV through 1994 in New York and New England. We generally taped in a professional Manhattan studio, but whenever possible we would go on location.

Location is a lot like Reality TV, the people I interviewed, the settings, brought a realism to those productions. There was passion and high energy with each taping, that none of us would forget.

It was through this medium that I met and interviewed those who would go on to great heights in the fields of metaphysics and science. They would make a difference in moving human conscousness to the next level.

Often I try to bring that passion to some of the articles in Ellie's World, which seem to connect with readers' personal experiences at that moment, what they are going through, which hopefully stirs their souls to new heights and awareness.

In 1997, Rene Mueller in Switzerland, who ran a website called Spiritweb, and I, spoke about merging part of our websites to create metaphysical documentaries that I would film in the US, wherein I would interview people, then send the film to Rene and he would place on the Internet with links on both of our websites. Rene was IT so it seemed like a plan, but in the end it was not cost effective, required too much time and bandwidth in the years before DSL and cable modems were to become the norm.

Lights... Action... Take 2 ...

Saying Good-bye to Friends

All's well that ends well... It was a heart-felt moment of closure after the 10 year journey of Friends on Thursday evening May 6, 2004.

As I predicted there was a happy ending for all, Ross and Rachel reunited, Monica and Chandler had twins, and Phoebe and Mike decided to start a family. Joey goes to Hollywood and will have his own sitcom in the fall.

Saying good-bye to friends is never easy. Friends create the full dynamic of emotions, a dynamic, magic, family, love, empathy, compassion!

Many viewers are the same age group as the characters in Friends going through the same experiences. It has been quite a journey for them, as they too went through trials and tribulations that many of us empathize with. The cast and storylines are part of the generation of my daughters and their Friends, facing the same issues, now in their 30's. Generation X

We bid farewell to Friends with laughter, tears and waves of emotion. We honor what you have brought to us. You will be missed.

Crystalinks The Dynamics of Friendships

Lights... Action... Take 3 ...

Moving to Paris

In the final episodes of 'Friends', Rachel was supposed to move to Paris... but the love she shares with Ross brought her back to Manhattan.

It makes you wonder why all the women want to run away to Paris at the end of their TV series. There is a romanticism about Paris. It's about freedom, excitement, adventure, and escapism into something new.

In the final episodes of 'Sex and the City' Carrie Bradshaw left New York and moved to Paris. The 'love of her life', tall, dark, handsome, and rich Mr. Big, followed her and brought her back.

Love conquers all...sometimes!

On Smallville, Clark Kent's girlfriend Lana Lane, not Lois Lane, is moving to Paris for university and to change her life after her relationship with Clark ended because he would not tell her the truth about his identity. Listen up Clark, if you are not honest with your partner, you are doomed on planet Earth.

Will Clark fly over to Paris and bring Lana back? For now Clark has yet to find his 'wings'. He does not know he can fly! We can identify with that!

Smallville had an interesting storyline was about a Native American prophecy written on a cave wall which depicts a savior falling from the sky. His name is Namaan who will come to save the tribe. There is a Professor who recognizes that Clark is Namaan. Clark denies it as he is not in recognition of his full powers and destiny. There was a magic knife made out of kryptonite that empowers anyone who holds it. After part of the prophecy came to pass, the knife became embedded in a large stone. [Alchemy metaphor, sword in the stone, philosopher's stone, etc. ] The antagonists, the Luther family, father and son, touched the knife after which it glowed then dissolved to dust. There was another interesting scene where Clark is stabbed in the stomach with the knife, and lays mortally wounded. Along come Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark's adopted Earth parents, to the rescue. They all know about Jor-el, Clark's biological father on planet Krypton. As Jonathan tries to stop the bleeding, he places both hands on the wound, hand over hand. Suddenly a brilliant light fills the room. You know the rest...Clark is healed. They all understand that Jonathan is the vessel for healing but Jor-el sent the energy from another realm. Does that sound familiar to those who do laying-on-of-hands healing?

As we know, Clark winds up in love with Lois Lane, so I guess Lana goes to Paris for good.

American women go to Paris for adventure, love, romance, university, career, to start their lives over, or on some deeper level they feel a 'calling' to embrace something from a past/parallel life.

Many Americans marry and remain abroad, yet the soul often says, "One day you must return home." The same holds true for foreigners who come to the US as adults.

Lights... Action... Take 4 ...

The Finale

Our roots and frequencies link to the place of our creation. It calls to us as we enter the final chapter of our Earth journey.

Eventually we all return home, the projection of our journeys encoded in our consciousness as one experience among many from which we learn and grow.

We view it all through the Eye, Rods and Cones, Lens of a Camera, Lens of Time.

Sacred Geometry

The Diamond Ring Eclipse

The Eye of God

The Eye and the Rod

Star of David, Circle of Completion

At The End of Time

Writing the Script

Sarah and Alexander, The Alchemy of Time

In the year 2012, Sarah Manning races against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors, the Guardians of the Seed. Connected to the ancient mystery schools, this epoch adventure, spanning 72 years, and crossing 3 continents, explains the foundations of reality, and the prophecies of time. In essence, the story of "Sarah and Alexander" is the esoteric history of the human race. The protagonist's struggle to pry open her family's dark secrets is also humanity's struggle to uncover its hidden past. This tale, written hard against the backbone of history, is awash with mythic overtones and replete with revelations of mystical realities. Journey with Sarah to unlock many of your own truths. The screenplay adaptation of the book, titled "2012, The Alchemy of Time" is waiting to be discovered by the right producer.