The "Fade to Black" Election

Congratulations to Barack Obama on his re-election as the 44th president of the United States.
In the time remaining, events will not be like his first term, as chaos accelerates.
As Obama said after his victory Tuesday night, "The best is yet to come."

If you look at Mercury Retrograde as repetitions and delays,
Obama would be re-elected and the Florida vote would be delayed.

Obama would face the same issues, magnified now in end times.

Obama's Space Adventures

Obama is the president who brings UFO disclosure to the public.

From - November 7, 2012

After winning re-election yesterday, President Obama is on top of the world. Seriously. On Nov. 5th, a group of high school students in California launched a Barack Obama bobblehead to the edge of space using a suborbital helium balloon. Here is a picture of the president approximately 120,000 feet above Earth's surface. This flight was conducted by the same students who launched NASA's rubber chicken into a solar storm to sample high energy protons at high altitude. Sending Obama was good practice for more serious projects, such as flights to measure solar flares and photograph meteor showers. The group, which calls itself "Earth to Sky Calculus," has been flying suborbital helium research balloons for two years; this is the first time the President has gone for a ride.

Duality Across the Grid ...

The way I figure it, in the choices provided as one hologram moves to another - or closes at the end of the physical reality experiments - we can either have flood stories or an ice age or both. This version of the human biogenetic experiment seems to end in flood stories where both sides of the Atlantic are hit by megastorms ... and in the duality of our electromagnetic energy program ... the Pacific Ring of Fire faces flooding from tsunamis. The poles are about to shift ... the sun is about to come roaring back to life as it is indeed the lion ... the tectonic plates are broken ... aliens are running the projection room, and all we can do is get ready to take a leap of faith when all fades to black.

October 29, 2012 -- Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

Over in the Pacific Ring of Fire off the coast of Vancouver -- 2012 Haida Gwaii 7.7 earthquake
Sunday October 28 -- The earthquake's epicentre was on Moresby Island of the Haida Gwaii archipelago (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands). This was the second largest Canadian earthquake ever recorded by a seismometer, after the 1949 Queen Charlotte Islands earthquake. As of November 8, there have been 84 powerful aftershocks. A tsunami warning was issued for the North American Coast from the Alaskan Panhandle to Vancouver Island, but later limited to the North Coast region of British Columbia. In the U.S., Hawaii was also placed on alert, and over 100,000 people were evacuated to higher ground. The maximum wave height recorded at tide gages in Hawaii was 0.79m (27 in). Other warnings were issued for the states of Oregon and California, but were subsequently lifted.

Mercury Retrograde - Repetitions and Duality Across the Grid

November 7, 2012 ... The sequel of Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast .. A wintry storm (nor'easter) dropped heavy rain and snow on the Northeast, bringing dangerous winds and knocking out power in a region where hundreds of thousands were still in the dark after Superstorm Sandy. New Jersey governor Chris Christie said, "I am waiting for locusts and pestilence next."

Guatemala earthquake: Dozens killed   BBC - November 7, 2012
Thirty-nine people have been killed and many more are missing after a 7.4-magnitude quake hit off the Guatemala's Pacific coast, the president has said. Otto Perez Molina declared a national alert and advised people to evacuate tall buildings as a precaution. A strong earthquake off the coast of Guatemala shook buildings in the capital and killed at least 39 people on Wednesday, trapping others under rubble and triggering evacuations. Frightened people fled from offices and homes around the region, as buildings shook from San Salvador to Mexico City.

Mexico City: UFOs, Mt. Popocatepetl, Adventures in the Land of the Maya

  UFO Appears To Fall Into Mexico Volcano   Huffington Post - November 6, 2012
Did a UFO fall into an erupting volcano in Mexico, or is it just more computer generated hocus-pocus? Televisa, a Mexican media company, said Friday it may have captured video of a brightly lit, cigar-shaped UFO appearing to plunge right into the top of Mt. Popocatepetl, an active volcano in Central Mexico, which experienced numerous explosions that produced ash clouds on Oct. 25, the day of the reported UFO event, reports Open Minds TV.

Dozens of witnesses have recorded sightings of UFOs going in and out of - or circling Mt. Popocatepetl often before an eruption. Mexico takes us to myths about December 21, 2012 as an end time date and the return of Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent God. One legend has it that he lives beneath the volcano in a subterranean city. Another says that he flew off in a spaceship saying he will return one day. That goes with the 'returning god hypothesis', at the end of time.

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"Ancient Aliens" - Alien Devastations

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The Serpent is the Snake who returns at the end of the story.

Chinese New Year -- The Year of the Snake

02.10.2013 - 01.30.2014


The serpent who swallows his tale at the end of time

Close Encounters

Wednesday November 7, 2012

It would seem George and I are not the only ones "seeing" UFOs. Many wonder if they are monitoring and controlling the current Earth changes - and I would say Yes. That's why they remained here after the creation of our consciousness grid reality. They are not actually closer, it's just the raising of our frequency awareness that brings them into view. Wednesday, while talking to George, I saw the "music bars" from Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Soundtrack - the "five-tone" motif. They kept repeating the same sequence at even intervals and were all white. So many messages ... so little time.

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The Nazi Bell

Thursday November 8, 2012

Now that my bells and whistles are going off, we come to other synchronicities. End times always take me to a portal that opens to the Nazi labs during WW II, as I transport back there as the program fades to black to completed what one might see as my "mission".

Today, a friend named Gloria mentioned spending time on the winter solstice (December 21, 2012) at the Newport Tower in Rhode Island and invited me, though she knows I work alone.

Checking google I found this image of the tower.

The Nazi Bell - Die Glocke

As soon as I saw the image my mind flipped to end times, Nazi time travel experiments, and the Nazi Bell - the time machine or worm hole generator pictured above. I don't have to physically travel to see the henge which is located in Poland, but there is a connection to my life as a physicist in Nazi Germany. It's not the physical evidence but how it helps me remember and associate the references.

Gloria mentioned a geometric connection between the Newport Tower with Montauk Experiments, which have to do with time travel. So why am I going back. Everyone who worked in the labs, who I have met physically as Ellie Crystal, says that a correction has to be made to stop the endless loops we have been stuck in for ... not sure how many loops.

As a metaphor, bells represent signals for change.

The Nazi Bell [0:45]

The Simulation

Over in Arizona my grandchildren Joie
and Vanni explored a hurricane simulation.
Art imitates life ...

Life is a simulation set in linear time
from which we will soon be released.

My daughter Tracy didn't realize she had
stopped the camera at 110,
reverse fibonacci code ... also binary code.

Friday November 9, 2012

I've gone off topic this week not focusing on storms Sandy and Athena, and their aftermaths, but news coverage seems to sum up it all up as events continue. There are so many stories about people now finding a way to make a difference. The patterns of reality have always been about destruction and recovery to bond a human connection in a positive way that heals the emotions with "unconditional love". Many hold the theory that what would truly bond us as as species would be an extraterrestrial presence. Hmmm... Never say never ... Read the grids ...

Wednesday night's nor'easter brought about 4 inches of snow to Bay Ridge, which is almost melted. As far as I know there were no power outages, or other loss of services that plague neighboring communities. One could say I am protected ... for a reason. My daughters in NJ and CT. have also been lucky with power and fuel, though their local communities struggle with loss.

Everyday I hear stories about destroyed homes, businesses, employees let go as their place of work was destroyed, and more. In an already desolated economy, things continue to deteriorate. The saddest stories come from my friends who work in health care - hospitals, EMS, etc.

I learned first hand about schools, hospitals, and even something as trivial as the local mall being flooded. I'm not sure about Fort Hamilton, down the block, as platoons of rescue vehicles drive out every morning on their way with supplies to local beach areas that look like a war zone. It's amazing that humans are guided to live on or near water, beachfront property, and yet in the end, all gets swept away.

What seems surreal to me is the amount of destruction in Staten Island and New Jersey - things that I generally watch on the news around the world - but are never this close to home. People are getting the message that Earth changes are here and accelerating on a global scale. There are still those who believe that current events are isolated incidents, but that is no longer the case as everything is connected.

Since this all began, I haven't driven much, conserving my full tank of gas, except to run errands in the neighborhood. As you know fuel is another major problem, so I feel it should go to people who need it a whole lot more than I do.

Time is accelerating in the new insert. Would you believe it's less than two weeks till Thanksgiving? Not much joy for so many people around the country this year. Name one thing you were thankful for in 2012. For me ... knowing how close we are to the end.

In truth, not to sound insensitive, my focus isn't here in the simulation, never has been. There are many messages coming to me now that relate to current events, just at another level of conscious awareness. That which I was programmed to do here is showing itself and guides my journey out of time.

Hurricane Sandy


You have either remembered that we live in a hologram and waiting for it to close ...
or your soul is guiding you to that end and waiting for you to remember. Tick tock!